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as at 1 October 2002

Music for a wedding
On sightreading
Respect for music
Beethoven's last movement
Ealing summer jazz festival
BBC Proms
Aranjuez arrangement
Preparation galore
Summer soiree
After the party
An hour of Houria
Violin piano concert
Cold hands, not cold feet
Standing ovation
Full moon rehearsal
The passion of amateurs
Searching to the ends of the earth
Links to analyticalQ music
Preparing for next concert
My first CD sale
Sicilienne Christmas
Accompanying flute auditions
Advice to a young musician
In search of Scarlatti's Sicilienne
Sheet music where art thou?
Full moon concert
A private performance
Summer solstice concert
Flute pieces
Concert for dad
Home among musicians
Dueting in Amsterdam
Piano movies
September 11th
A year ago
Far from the madding crowd
Not another crash!
Guilty until proven innocent
Conquering fear of flying
The world as we know it
Back to the McCarthy era
Anthrax scare
E-mail from dad
Direct flight to Houston
Freedom of speech: links to speeches, articles, and emails
Black Tuesday
Sounds of silence and sirens
Escape from New York
Fear of flying
Back to the future
Stuck in the city
The road home
Truth seekers
Deja vu
Who got paid bonuses
Deregulation blues
Parody submissions
Dream job come true
A generous beginning
Witness to departures
Make the deal, restructure later
Mark your salary to the market
First mover advantage
Believe in the dream
Intelligence over wisdom
Into the lioness' den
Options translated
Forward learning curve
Land of the big egos
Click with the clique
Evil empire strikes back
Rapid downward spiral
Deny or shut up
Cooking, drinks, health, fitness, housework, living, gardening
El Mojito
The colour purple
Cooking up a storm
Detox day
Yoga class
All in a day's housework
Barbeque and Irish coffee
General anaesthesia
5 star hospital
Playing house
Minding the body
Christmas cookies - a tradition
Home is where the heart is
Fighting the onset of a cold
Up in smoke
Baking frenzy
Potting houseplants
Designer health club
Hayfever and climate change
Dinner and lunch
Emotional detoxification
Pick your own berries
Bruised fruit
Stung by a wasp
Berry obsession
House of the rising sun
Relationships, friendship, dating, singlehood, family, reunions
A man's checklist
Bachelor party
New neighbours
Party etiquette
Indispensible mother
Hosting vs guesting
Neighbourhood watch
Family of friends
From neighbours to friends
Damsels in distress
Meeting fans
Living together
A father speaks
Intangible gifts
Talk till we drop
Sister's wisdom
Fear of commitment
Almost 20 year reunion
Like child or like parent?
The familiar unfamiliar
Children at Christmas
Men turning forty
Child-free or guilt-laden?
Quality time
Wild as blackberries
Financially single
Consciously single
The comfort of good relationships
What you feel, you can heal
Long distance relationships
Friends near and far
Independence and flexibility
Friends like family
The dependence of being independent
Two hours into the sunset
Ten Chinese girls
Mother's Day Weekend
Worlds apart
Chinese websites
Chinese translation
Hard to please
Dance like no one's watching
Emotional hangover
Climbing Chinese walls
Complaints, bad experiences, customer service, computers, technology
No network, not funny
Denial of service
Hoax or the real thing?
Optimising Internet browser
Computer haikus
Victim of technology
Sending stuff
What you're paying for
What sells
For sale or barter
Mulberry silk
No password, not funny
Yearning for peace
Thrice locked out
The price of the unfamiliar
Taxi from Heathrow
No money, go walking
Cyberspace, Web
Chatting online
Third anniversary
In search of sponsorship
In search of web host
Slow internet connection
Send to a friend
Any more bon journals?
Return to sender
Curt email messages
Image lessons
Cycling across London
Syon House
Afternoon mint tea by the Thames
Walking in Bath

Birmingham detour
London parks
Packed like sardines
Avebury stone circles
Conversation in Wells
Return to normality
Reverse jetlag

Chinese selling tactics
Qi Gong master or con man?
Squat toilets
Perfect vacation
Flight search
Cycling Van Gogh country
Champagne in sun
Collecting airmiles
Tales of travellers
Grand Hotel Duomo
The glamour of jet-setting
Fog in Milan
Luncheon speaker at the Savoy
Futuristic party at the Park Lane Hotel
First class to Brussels
Hotel Le Plaza
Handmade Belgian chocolates
Royal rip-off
Club 100 non-residents
Finding Aberdaron
Uninterrupted solitude
Cycling to Nefyn
A shock to the system
After holiday blues
Expiring airmiles
London directory
Cycling along the canal
Spring in Oxford
Maastricht, Holland
Houston mosquitoes
Crawfish season
Nudist colony
Peace at last
Leaving Houston
Merry go round-about
The domino effect
Bussum bus
Work, flexibility, information
Job-free at last
Replies to farewell
External feedback
Importance of feedback
Working memories
Fare thee well
Doing your CV
Who will do it?
Unofficial pointer
Opportunity cost or lost?
Rhythm and flow
Efficiency and productivity
New rules for the new economy
Return from offline
Implicit contracts
The 4 d's
Notes from time management
Information cost
The user as expert
Hitting rock bottom
End of year staff events
So many ideas
Income tax self-assessment
A millionaire in each of us
Chill out or you'll burn out
All in a day's work
Doing everything but
Just do it
Freebies with a price
Resistance to change
Seven year itch
Decision analysis
The decision of indecision
Decision paralysis and procrastination
Multilateral decision making
Talking heads
Rewriting workshop
The writing process
Readable but incomprehensible
Poetic licence
Comfort the afflicted
Grammar lessons in the sun
Bourne identity
Magna Brava
Earth from the air
Austin Powers - Goldmember
Matisse Picasso
All conferenced out
Diaspora world music festival
East is east
Gogol's Marriage in Ealing
The importance of being earnest
Happily single
Ideal home show
The five lessons of life
Branding and reputation
Lord of the rings
James Bond ball
Reviewing the year
Rembrandt's women
Pearl Harbor
Internet World
Roger Williams
Almost all the senses
Teresa Teng
Floriade 2002
Signs, the movie
London open house
Love and other stories
Poem till tomorrow
A "love" story
Full moon
My cat
Knock on the door
The other woman
All out of love
Drowning in clutter - part 1
the problem
Drowning in clutter - part 2
input, absorb, output rates
Drowning in clutter - part 3
causes of clutter
Drowning in clutter - part 4
emotional clutter
Physical clutter and mental space
Donating to charity
Letting go of books
Lord of the flies
NLP presuppositions
Three days of emails
Blue sky day
Enjoy the now
Blacker than grey
Early darkness
Hot then cold
Gift for the giving
Modern day soliloquy
What I want for Christmas
Instant gratification
Full moon on halloween night
Trying too hard
Definitive chill in the air
Hammock wisdom
Dark moods
Four years on
Summer holidays
Early morning fresh air
Out of touch
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
The bigger picture
Express, not suppress
Smaller try harder
First blossom of spring
Tragedy of the commons

Ilp, May 2001

House, home, chores
Luxury of space
Varnishing hardwood table
Free advice from architects
U values
Rescue operation
Concertina loft ladders
Awareness before change
Electromagnetic energy
Reputation to lose
Asset swap
Jargon busters
Relocating the electricity meter
Blinding white
Past the sell-by date
Drying in the sun
Tired of it
Brownian motion
Looking for Mr Squeegy
Where has all the time gone?
How to create more time
Time challenged people
Days fly like arrow