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Summer solstice concert

These days, the sun rises before 4:30 am and sets by 9:30 pm. But it is still light at 10 pm.

The day was warm. Over red wine and Dutch cheese, we got ready for a private concert in the garden.

Except for the occasional airplane flying overhead, the guitar music travelled far and clear. Then the flute blended with the guitar.

During intermission, we got to know each other. People with double lives and second passions. People who live near each other. People who live far apart.

Requerdos de Alhambra
Romance (1.3 MB MPG streaming video)
Interdites (forbidden games)
Franscesco Tarrega
Anonymous (in movie Les Jeux)

Mateo Carcassi
Valse Venozolano No 2
Antonio Lauro
Tango en Skai (with double dotted i)
Improvisation Tarantas
Roland Dyens
Cafe 1930
Astor Piazzolla
Summer Solstice at Sunset
Anne Ku
Concerto in C Major for Flute, Harp, and Orchestra
(K 299)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Sonata for Flute and Piano
Allegro malinconico
Francis Poulenc
Blue Tango - arranged for piano duet
Leroy Anderson
Medley on Bach's Prelude in C
flute, guitar, piano
Anne Ku

24 June 2001


27 May dueting in Amsterdam
6 June flute pieces
22 June a private performance
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