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I finally sent my global internal farewell email about a week before I was leaving.

"Dear friends and colleagues, After 3.5 years under different guises .... London, New York, DC, Houston, Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong, it's my turn to say good-bye. Please join me, if you're in London, at All Bar One .... for the classic farewell "drinks on the house, but meals on yourself." To prepare myself for the glorious English summer, I will be decluttering my home and life, parting with the following:...... you can contact me by searching for "Anne Ku" on the popular web search engines. .... It's been a pleasure working with you all, and do keep in touch, especially if I resurface.

PS I'd like to leave my highly sought-after, comfortable grey swivel office chair to Simon, who has helped me with my IT challenges throughout my stint as magazine editor."

Just as soon as I pressed the RETURN key, my phone rang. It was the first person I worked with and under, calling me from Washington DC to wish me well. And the next day, I found dozens of emails from all over the world - all wishing me well in my next venture. Here are some:

Hey Anne! Didn't know you were leaving already!! This comes as a surprise to me, really. Let's have lunch if you can sometime. Will join you for drinks Friday for sure. Let's chat when you have time? L, London
Anne, it has been a real pleasure working with you. Thanks again for your help and contributions to the energy community. Sorry things turned out the way they did. Let me know where you end up. Have a Grey Goose on me! - JA, Baltimore
Sorry to hear that you are moving on but the very best of luck. Which all bar one? IL, London
Hi Anne--I'm very sorry to hear this news, but I must say, yours is a farewell with flair! It will be no surprise if many more of us here in NY will be getting our turn ere long, so don't feel lonely. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to pursue, but I know it's your energy and ability that will see you through. SG., New York.
Anne, Say it isn't so! I'm losing one of my all-time favourite .... people. Are you staying in London? When's your next trip to Houston? How's the piano playing going? This place won't be the same without you. RC, Houston
Anne, what can I say that you probably haven't heard already? I'll miss you at the Christmas party this year, and will miss supplying you with book reviews/articles. We'll be much the poorer for losing you, but I suspect you will be much the richer for the departure. Take care, see you around sometime. I'll keep an eye on yer website. All the best, DE, Houston
Hi Anne, I'm sorry your number came up. Maybe mine will come up, too! I won't be at your farewell party, but please know that I've enjoyed working with you, and I hope this doesn't mean an end to knowing you. Please stay in touch, and please do contact me next time you're in NY. Good luck, and let me know if there's anything I can do to help with regards to recommendations, etc. JL, New York
Hi Anne, You've covered a lot of territory in less than 4 years! Again, best wishes, and please keep in touch. That magical evening we spent listening to you and others play impromptu piano pieces was wonderful. All best, DB, Houston
I met you in Washington DC probably near the start of your 3.5. It was a pleasure. Best wishes in all you do. CC, Washington DC
Anne, Thanks for the invite, I would like to RSVP on behalf of the several hundred employees here in Boulder, Colorado. We will all be showing up at your going away party next Friday. See you then. KW, Boulder
Hi Anne Sorry to hear you go. Do stay in touch till our paths cross again ... I'm sure they will. Best of wishes, keep sane and healthy always ..JH, Singapore

24 June 2002 Monday

Baltimore, MD July 2000
July 2000, Baltimore
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