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Music for a wedding

My love life began as an addict of Harlequin Romances and Barbara Cartland novels. It was around the same time that people asked me to play at their weddings.

Recently a couple asked me to play piano for their wedding. Since it was the second time around for each, I suggested that I play extracts from the second movements of well-known piano concertos. Because it was their second time, they weren't fussy about playing the traditional wedding marches. In fact, they didn't want the traditional stuff at all.

So I put together a repertoire of romantic pieces, from Chopin to Air Supply. It's a compilation of familiar tunes which is pleasing to the seated, before the bride arrives, as well as tunes which don't demand attentive listening, that is, as background music after the bride and groom kiss each other.

I enjoy playing at weddings because I'm such a romantic. It's nice to hide behind the piano or the organ and just provide the music which is essential for the ceremony and to fill the air. Nowadays, I may even insert some of my own compositions and arrangements to fill the time.

What made playing for the wedding today so enjoyable was the personal thank-you's I got from some of the guests. One requested that I play Elgar's Salut d'Amour again. I didn't realise that people were actually listening to what I was playing!

14 September 2002 Saturday

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