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Anne Ku with sangria jub 2002
the original Spanish summer soiree was held on 27th July 2002
tea leaf eggs:
cha ye dan
Boil eggs (in cold water until boiled then turn off heat).
After water has cooled, use spoon to crack the egg shells, to allow the "tie dye" effect.
Add black tea leaves (or tea bags), five spice (wu xiang), peppercorns (hua jiao), salt, soy sauce. Boil under low temperature for 10 minutes. Soak overnight.
Blackberry and apple crumble
blackberries picked from the wild and baking apple from Amanda's tree....
excellent with ice cream

Bon Journal

Bachelor party

The back-up plan was to go out, in case it rained. Otherwise I would bring four bachelors to my new-found single friend, as a present.

When I found out that the barbeque was cancelled and that her friends had arranged something else, I was stuck with four bachelors. What am I supposed to do with four bachelors on a Saturday night?

One flew over from southern California. Another from Copenhagen. A third from Scotland. And a fourth from London.

I decided to make a mini-Spanish summer soiree out of this opportunity. I would prepare sangria and tapas. I would play cocktail music as background to their conversations. I would play hostess extraordinaire.

But wait! Why would four bachelors want to talk to one another?

So I asked the one from Copenhagen if he would bring a girl he knew. I invited a neighbour to come to the party. She called her sister to come by. Later on, another neighbour "gatecrashed" my party. Thank goodness for all these ladies, I wasn't the only girl.

The more the merrier, so the saying goes. Indeed, we drank, ate, talked, and sang until we got too tired to be merry.

24 August 2002 Saturday

photos, courtesy of Klaus
Amanda, Sachiko, Anne Anjam, Anne Val, Anne Anne Ku, August 2002 Sachiko, Amanda, Anne, Ian
photo, courtesy of Peter
Sachiko, Anjam, Klaus, Ian, Amanda, Anne  Aug 2002 All sing Peter, Sachiko
marinate red wine with slices of lemon, orange, and apple and sugar for a few hours
top up the mix with club soda, tonic water, or lemonade (sprite, 7 up) and ice cubes
Stuffed mushrooms:
pull out the stems and cut them into tiny pieces along with celery, carrots, onions, and red pepper
fry the cuttings with freshly cut herbs from the garden and pine nuts
stuff the upside down mushroom caps
bake for 15 minutes in preheated 200 degrees Celsius oven
Vegetable skewers:
use toothpicks or longer wooden skewers
the more colourful, the better: small slices of red, green, or yellow pepper, onions, courgettes (zuchini), aubergines (eggplant)
brush over skewers a mixture of organic olive oil, salt, and freshly cut garden herbs
grill for 15 minutes
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