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For sale or barter

There's no culture of yard sales or garage sales here in England. Most people go to a so-called "car boot sale" where you park your car and open the trunk (the boot). Or you can sell your stuff through the free ads daily paper The Loot. Alternatively, you can post your goodies at a nearby newsagent's, the library, or supermarket.

No one called me about the following items I posted at my nearest newsagent. Perhaps everyone has gone on holiday. Perhaps my thaings are really not worth the hassle of enquiry.

New, never used, top quality red Italian carpet (3 pieces), trimmed, sewn remnants of fitted carpet for stairs, dimensions: 75 cm x 223 cm, 73 cm x 96 cm, 73 cm x 86 cm
Thick, white, cotton curtains with cotton lining. White wooden curtain poles and rings... very good condition.
Grey, cordless phone with answering machine. 5 years old.
2-ring binders - lots of these, very good condition.
box files - lots of these, very good condition, very sturdy.
baby spider plants
Tile Depot credit voucher for £92.00 valid until April 2003 - will take best offer
3 Hertz car rental vouchers expires 1st November 2002 for USA and Hawaii only [2 weekend days, 3 weekend days, 1 week (7 days)]

29 August 2002 Thursday

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