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Shortly after I wrote this, I received an email from a Teresa Teng fan. He subsequently sent me several useful links of her music, lyrics, and translations. Thank you, Poul.
Courtesy of
Lyrics in Mandarin + Pin Yin + English translations.
A huge site with loads of Oriental music including Teresa. May be worth
Lyrics in Mandarin plus downloads.
Site includes a small selection of Oriental music, including a boxed set of Teresa Teng.
Graman Net This site has a great write up of Theresa's life. What a wonder she was, her beauty radiated from the heart. Lots of links, too.

Bon Journal

Teresa Teng

We have no back-up plans for a rainy day, certainly not a day for a picnic in the park. Mom's tie dyed black tea leaf eggs will have to wait. So she asked me to translate some Chinese songs. Here's one sung by Teresa Teng.

MP3 (4.6 MB - click and save as a file on your computer) see Note below.

Note: A Bon Journal Reader wrote in early January 2005 that the above MP3 is not the voice of Teresa Teng but a cantonese singer. Read my reply and listen to the correct version on Bon Journal.
Ni Zen Me Shuo
What's your excuse
I haven't forgotten, you've forgotten me
wo mei wang ji, ni wang ji wo
Even my name you've said wrong
lian min zi ni dou shuo cuo
Just shows you've been lying all along
zheng ming ni yi qie dou shi zai pian wo
I'll see what you will say today.
kan jin tian ni ze me shuo
You said you'll see me after two days
ni shuo guo liang tian lai kan wo
So I've waited for more than a year.
yi deng jou shi yi nian duo
Three hundred sixty five days I could hardly bear
san bai liou shi wu ge ri zi bu hao guo
I am nowhere in your heart
ni xin li gen ben mei you wo
So give back the love I gave to you.
ba wo di ai qing huan gei wo.
other Teresa Teng songs translated into English

4 August 2002 Sunday - unsettled

Teresa Teng was probably the most popular Chinese singer in this age. Her songs had no boundaries, equally loved by the Japanese and the Chinese. My parents loved her.
She was so popular, that there passed a saying in mainland China:
By day, Deng Xiaoping rules mainland China. But by night, Teresa Teng rules!"
But tragically she died of an asthma attack in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1995 - only 43 years of age.
Here are some links:
Life of Teresa Teng
Life of Teresa Teng (better)
Teresa Teng Forever - a fan
Listen to her music
(real audio)
Continuous music (comes on when you get to this site)
cuo = tswoh
qing = ching
xin = hsin
qie = chieh
name = min zi
heart = xin
love = ai qing
year = nian
I, me = wo
you = ni
have = you (pronounced yo)
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