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A man's checklist

In my instant messaging chat session with a male friend today, he revealed his checklist for his dream woman. He claimed that it was typical of most men.

1. A woman

2. A woman that I respect!

3. I can't deny the basic urge - WE must be attracted to each other.

4. Intelligent with the ability and can't find the right description to make and/or share decisions.

5. Fun, but healthy lifestyle and attitude - a wellness approach to health and a reasonable environmentalist.

Interesting checklist. I remember telling another man my checklist, and he was quite disappointed that I had one at all. But I never thought of number two - respect..... obviously it's very important. And obviously it could be the reason for a break up.

To my instant messenger friend, I wrote,"you've got a job, a house, a car,,..... and you're obviously single.... some women find just these 'haves' attractive enough."

He wrote,"I'll buy that, but what are they really after? Me or the things? How long is that going to last?

I wrote, "They're just symbolic. Job = financial security. House = stability. Car = mobility."

Today I had another conversation with a confirmed bachelor. He said that waiting for the right one to come along assumes that the "right" one exists. Perhaps he's right, but people who can choose will still prefer to wait rather than choose the wrong one.

20 August 2002 Tuesday

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