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Cycling Van Gogh country

My sister spent a summer in Leuven, Belgium some years ago and wrote to me about cycling in Van Gogh country. Ever since I've yearned for a similar experience.

Today my Dutch friend took me around Naarden defense works (direct translation from Dutch). The ancient village inside seemed more like an interior designer's dream world. Every house had big windows you could see through. Every house was orderly and spotless. You would think that it was deliberately kept clean on a public holiday like today, to attract gullible tourists.

It's so comforting to see cycle paths everywhere we go. Cyclists don't get nearly the attention or respect they deserve in England. That's why it's frustrating to cycle in England.

But in Holland - it's another story. I can understand why Van Gogh was so inspired to paint his country. Everything is flat, perfect for lazy cyclists like myself. Because everything is flat, you can see the horizon and the windmills that dot it. The smell of natural fertilizer is stronger than your own body odour. But it soon becomes part of the landscape..

We got lost trying to get to Muiden. Instead, we arrived at the next big city - Weesp.

Six hours under the sun --- I finally cycled Van Gogh country!

1 April 2002 Monday