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Finding Aberdaron

We started our road trip without a map. We thought we'd just follow any road along the coast. The roads were small and winding. It was difficult to tell where we were going, given the hills and the unfamiliar terrain.

We passed Abersoch, a busy but quaint coastal town just after Pwllheli. It was too noisy for us. So we drove on. After a couple of dead ends, the driver got irritated. I got car sick. The other two passengers got hungry.

Somehow, by sheer luck and will, we ended up in Aberdaron. It's a small place, perhaps too small to be called a town. But it was strategically located, between a big hill and a long beach and bay. A small river flowed through it. And we sat next to the river to have our Sunday lunch.

Later we lay on the beach and wished that we had chosen this place in the beginning. We would have had an extra hour of sun in North Wales.

5 August 2001

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Pwllheli, North Wales