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Roger Williams

The idea of staying in a modern style hotel occurred to me when I visited New York last summer. Roger Williams sat on the corner of Madison and 31st. It was a "minimalist" hotel, newly designed and refurbished.

In the middle of the lobby sat an old Steinway grand. I asked the front desk if I could play it. He said, "Yes, but only a few notes." What did that mean? I soon learned that it was saved for performances - the most recently being by the lady from the Young and the Restless.

The 14th floor superior room came with a balcony, to my pleasant surprise. I walked outside to feel the Manhattan spring air. Had there been chairs I would have sat outside for a while. But the air was chilly.

The bathroom was unique. Mirrors, frosted glass door, and glass shower separator. No bathtub, but a wooden plank on the floor for the shower.

This was the first hotel I stayed that had a CD player. I put on the CD made by my new friend. It sounded better than from my laptop.

The true test of a hotel is, however, by the quality of the bedsheets. Mine was of the highest kind.

Only I stayed just one night. Complimentary continental breakfast was served from 7 to 10 am. This was the second test of a hotel. Not bad at all.

I liked the high ceilings. I liked the proximity to Korea town. I liked all of it, except not being able to play the piano.

17 May 2001

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