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As the countdown begins, so begins my prioritisation of the remaining days and hours. What's the most important thing? To get the most important information such as contact names and addresses out of my office email. But equally important are those kind and encouraging words, reminding me that what I've done in these last few years have been worthwhile. And it's probably these words that will lure me back to the industry.

Thanks a lot for incorporating my comments on price forecasting. We have realized that the magazine indeed has a very good reach. I got calls last week from some our clients about this article. So I would definitely start my own subscription. Meanwhile, I would be grateful if you could send me copies of the latest publication. It saddens me a bit to know that you would be leaving shortly. I am sure you would have better things to do. Also, I would like to let you know that I found to be a great source of information in the energy sector and otherwise. Recently, one of our analysts used it to download some information on trading and options.
senior economist, California-based energy consulting firm
I just got the May/June GEB with your forecasting article. Another great job! Thanks for quoting me and citing us. Also, there's a lot of interesting info in the mag and it's well done overall.
executive vice president, Virginia-based energy consulting firm
It seems to me that you have found a position that takes advantage of your unique skills: the ability to understand a new subject quickly and the interest in talking to people about their specialties. I have been amazed by how well you have tackled such diverse subjects and made it understandable.
risk manager, Oregon-based energy trading company
Just spent the last two hours looking at your site - you are certainly a prolific writer! Not at all what I'd expected from an energy journalist - most of them are pretty boring. It was interesting looking at your collection of material from people I've talked to. I don't know on which continent you plan to settle, but let's keep in touch and maybe we can arrange a meeting one day.
communications specialist, Texas-based public relations agency
Sorry to hear that you will be leaving. However, at least it gives you time to get on with the pursuits you enjoy the most. It was great to meet you and I wish you every success in the future.
communications specialist, London-based public relations agency
Thanks for sending me this. I find your work just fascinating! What is your educational background? And what is your role? I would like you to keep me up to date on your publications and other work.
risk controller, New York-based energy trading company
Where are you going? Keep in touch and the best of lunch to you. If you pass though NYC, give me a holler and we can do lunch or dinner.
writer and consultant, New York-based energy consulting firm
But I will say that your articles, and others like them, are very important. While you may not get a lot of emails saying how good they are, people do like them (me included).
energy risk expert, Texas branch of New York-based exchange
Thanks for the note. I took a quick look at your demand article. It hits the target quite well, especially the part about keeping an eye on the weather forecast.
energy trader, Houston-based energy trading company
Thanks for an advance copy of your article - I thought it a superb and very fairly balanced assessment of this issue. Loved the graphics and lots and lots of sharp insights throughout. What you say is right. For example, we have recent anecdotal evidence of the most absurd run-arounds by consultants and the consulting arms of traditional vendors to goose up their revenues.
chief executive, New York-based energy IT company
Recently, I have had the privilege of going through your article "Risk Management - Coping with volatility" and found it very stimulating. The above subjects are very close to our primary focus areas. I would therefore request you to kindly let us have your valued inputs in respect of the above in terms of articles, links, URLs, training programmes (especially in India, if possible) to enable us to develop our capabilities in this field. It would be particularly helpful if you could prescribe a road map which could be followed in our quest towards developing the necessary skills and perceptions.
consultant, India-based energy consultancy
I read your article on 'Volunteering to fight global warming'. It is a very good article - it now begs a follow-up since there has been agreement on implementing the Kyoto protocol. I look forward to reading it !
manager, Swedish engineering firm

25 June 2002 Tuesday

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