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New Rules for the new economy
by Kevin Kelly
Paperback 192 pages (6 May, 1999)
Publisher: Fourth Estate; ISBN: 1857028929

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New rules for the new economy

I came across an article by Kevin Kelly on New York Times and then looked for books that he's written. Then I went to the library and borrowed his "New Rules for the New Economy" copyright 1998, 179 pages, paperback.

It's very much in tune with Varian's Information Rules.

There are ten rules:

Embrace the swarm - decentralisation.

Increasing returns - initial successes aren't self-limiting, but self-feeding.

Plentitude, not scarcity. In traditional economics, price goes up with scarcity of supply. But in the network economy, value goes up, the more there is.

Follow the free. Generosity begets wealth.

Feed the Web first.

Let go at the top.

From places to spaces. Indeed, it's about space not place.

No harmony, all flux.

Relationship tech.

Opportunities before efficiencies.

You just have to read the book to understand these ten rules that are defining our new existence. Excellent bibliography at the end.

12 July 2002 Friday

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