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Ever since I heard Spiderman had been made into a movie, I've wanted to see it. Today I took my mother to see the afternoon, off-peak show. Having not watched television for over a week, I was able to focus entirely on the big screen movie.

Not that I've read the comics or that I grew up knowing about Spiderman, I wanted to see it for a different reason altogether.

It's about the girl nextdoor and a nerd who becomes a hero. But "with power comes great responsibility," echoed the words of his dying uncle. Although Peter Parker finally won the heart of his secret love after he became Spiderman, he also realised that his future wasn't destined to be that of the common man.

We are each powerful in different ways. How we harness that power is up to us.

Why is Spiderman's web spinning tactics so familiar? Once upon a time, I was nicknamed "Spidergirl" by a colleague who had introduced me to building websites. Already hooked on the World Wide Web, I began spinning my own, first by linking to spreadsheets, then to websites. Before long, I launched my own site. Along the way, I got caught in other people's webs, just as others eventually got trapped in mine. It's nice to get emails from strangers who confess that they stumbled upon my website by accident and couldn't leave.

Well, spinning a web is one thing, crawling like a spider is another. Spiderman is a normal everyday kind of guy until he senses someone in need of help. I'm not as empathetic as spiderman. I just spin my web and hope to lure interesting visitors to it.

17 July 2002 Wednesday

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