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Houston mosquitoes

The marginal cost of dining outside is being bitten by mosquitoes. Having lived in London for many years, my body was sweet and delicious to these little bugs. They bit every exposed area while I sat outside.

One forgets that "all that glitters is not gold." For years, I longed to return to Houston where I had been so happy for 14 months. I missed the freedom of driving a convertible. I missed the convenience and comfort of living in America. Houston has since then moved up in the ranks: the third largest city (from the 4th) and full of expensive cars.

Has it become a city of beautiful people? I read recently about popularity of plastic surgery. I also read that it ranks amongst the highest for overweight men. Yet ironically, almost all the women I see in the places I work out are fit and free of body fat.

From October to April, one can be safe from hot, humid weather - and mosquitoes. Personally, I dislike air conditioning. Thus, the months from May to September could be torture.

Tonight was no exception. Despite the exquisite dinner, intellectually stimulating conversation, and dry spring weather, I was conscious of these little bugs that torment and torture. Singapore, at last, has rid itself - why not Houston?

Tomorrow I would feel the bites spread. Ah - but tonight it's worth the itch.

15 May 2001

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