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Emotional detoxification

The latest Positive Health magazine carried an article about this subject. It said that we don't allow ourselves to be loved and suppress a lot of unresolved emotions inside.

When we detox our bodies, it releases the emotions and the energies.

Every weekend, I have a ritual of making fresh carrot juice. It consists of peeling the carrots and then pressing them through a juicer. Usually I would add apples. Sometimes I'd add pears and oranges. The result is a glass or two of ultra fresh juice.

Another detox exercise is making salad. My favourite is spinach and rocket salad.

But these are physical detoxification. How do I detox myself emotionally? How do I rid myself of the burdens of the past? How do I know what is hidden inside? How do I get rid of the dead weight?

Talking about it isn't necessarily the right thing to do, the article says. It may make itself worse because talking gives the illusion that you are doing something about it. Talking tends to keep us in our heads rather than in the emotion.

Emotional suppression leads to illness. What's also interesting is that guilt causes us to punish ourselves in ways we don't always notice. For example, self-sabotage - somehow we never quite achieve the rewarding job by missing deadlines, allowing others to use up our time and energy, using others' needs as excuses not to get our own needs met. Or being accident prone, late, untidy, and sick. How familiar that is - to deny ourselves what we truly deserve: self-love.

And how many of us lay buried and exhausted - never realising our true potential - who we really are?

6 July 2001

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