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From spiderman to spiderplants, how creative can I get?

Every summer I automatically take cuttings of the baby spiderplants hanging from their mothers and put them in jars or glasses of water. After a few weeks when their roots have grown, they are ready to be potted. Every year I give away the newly potted babies as presents.

The variegated type stems from my first houseplant in Surrey. The single coloured spiderplant came from cuttings I took of Renate's plants in Munich.

What's so special about spiderplants other than the name?

As my mom was digging out the compost from the bottom of the compost bin, I told her the history of all my houseplants today. Once upon a time, I didn't own any plants. One day somebody gave me a plant to take care of. It brought out the nurturing self. I rescued dying plants from bankrupt Chinese restaurants. I traded my houseplants with my professor's assistant. At one time I counted 100 different pots of houseplants.

And it all started with the one spiderplant.

Moral of the story? We're like spiderplants. We meet new people, we introduce them to our contacts, and friendship take root.

18 July 2002 Thursday

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