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On 17th February, I received several interesting stories of exotic places. They made my mind wander. I ached for that liberating feeling - to travel solo, independent, and off the beaten track.

The husband and wife team submitted three stories. When asked how they came across analyticalQ site, the husband Kevin Mulcahy wrote:

"Just over two years ago my wife and I took a leave of absence ..a year off ! .. from our jobs to travel the world. I work with Sprint in Kansas City, MO. We visited Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore, Zambia, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and a few other countries. Recently we started writing short stories about our adventures and experiences. Your site was recommended by a friend who suggested I send in a story or two. We are now planning to go to Chile in April 02 for our first visit to South America."

Since they are the first to contribute travel stories to analyticalQ and hence inspiring me once again to write my travel stories, I've put aside space for these excellent short stories.

Sounds of Africa by Diane Mulcahy

Zambian Memories by Kevin Mulcahy

One Minute in Saigon by Kevin Mulcahy

19 February 2002 Tuesday

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