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Lord of the rings - the fellowship of the ring

Ever since I watched the previews this summer I've been looking forward to the first of the trilogy. My friends tell me to read the book first. Instead, I read the previews and reviews in local newspapers.

The author Tolkien was a very interesting if not eccentric fellow. He was the first Hobbit.

Tonight my friends and I met at a local Thai pub for dinner and then walked to the packed cinema. I've never seen it so congested with anticipation. We queued on the stairs, in the hallway, and in the aisles. There was almost no room to breathe.

Throughout the entire film, my eyes stayed wide open and body rigid with suspense. It was not a movie for children as even I, an adult, was scared to death. But I never expected the movie to end the way it did. It left me waiting and wanting - a delayed gratification. I, like others, will have to wait another year before the next part. Maybe I should use this time to read the books.

28 December 2001 Friday

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