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30 September 2002
Internet Seer

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26 September 2002

I'm re-reading your diary and bon journal. On June 12, you wrote about squatting number two in the final graf. What do you mean by number two?

You have written about your travel in China in a quite humorous manner. It always makes me laugh to read them. I have also read the comments in your latest guestbook. They give me a chance to read various writing styles and new expressions, words. It seems your web has been read almost universally, except maybe those in Africa, Latin America.

26 September 2002

These days I have happened to surf your website, the automated guestbook and the older guestbook entries, most of which are friendly comments and some full of praise. Some are funny, such as the dog Grendel, some quite exotic, such as the one from Iceland. Is that background music Icelandic?

Anyway, I love to enjoy music that is other than the Western or the Oriental. I recently enjoyed some belly dance music, Mongolian music, Greek music. I don't like drums or those monotonous, primitive, oversimple pieces. In Brunei, even its national anthem is not to my taste. If you happen to know any website that can offer me exotic music, please let me know.

26 September 2002 Thanks for the transcription of fur elise It's disgusting how in order to learn such a beautiful piece you have to spend 8 bucks for three pieces of paper.
26 September 2002 Dear Ms Ku
Many thanks for your email. I am pleased that you have taken the time to comment on the store service. This is greatly appreciated as customer feedback is considered of the utmost importance within our organisation. I will pass your information on to or feedback department which peruses customer comments about our stores. I can confirm that there is no charge on our system for the repair work being currently carried out. I hope this helps. If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to reply.
Yours sincerely,
From the Office of Charles Dunstone
25 September 2002Song I wrote for Kenny Boy... Oh Kenny boy you thought wall street was just a toy
23 September 2002
Thank you so much for your lovely review and kind words, and not least the speed to writing it and getting it up there! I will keep your email and send you information about any other events I am planning.
22 September 2002
Peterborough, UK
I've noticed just now that you have a Pinyin translation of "What will you say" on your web page. I'll try to back track from that into hanzi. Wish me luck!
22 September 2002As you are teaching people how to leave their jobs, I am thinking about how I can create new jobs - for me and possibly other people.
22 September 2002Being Chinese has its privileges. We grew up inculcated with Confucianistic beliefs and Buddhist values, where people and how we relate with them are the center of our universe, and all else in life form concentric circles around this belief. Hence the extended family, the importance of relationships, and the respect for elders. Once exposed to the world outside a Chinese context, we try to break away from the concentric circles, we learn about "freedom" and discover what it means to be free from our roots, and we desire to fly to lift our two feet off the ground. But alas, our roots tie us down, we are back on earth.
22 September 2002You missed one of the most entertaining and touching piano movies ever made.... The Legend of 1900!
22 September 2002Congratulations, Anne, on a job well done with Subject Themes. Appreciating the diversity and frequency of your writings, I really admire your energy and devotion to the objective.

Here's a technical summary of the Top Subject Themes by number of entries...
Travel - 48 entries
Relationships etc - 46 entries
Music - 33 entries

Travel/Hotels etc - 57 entries
Relationships etc - 36 entries
Aspects - 36 entries

Clearly, the Top 3 Themes of all time are TRAVEL, RELATIONSHIPS and MUSIC.

We write about what we care about most and what impacts our life the most. Your talents, energy, and devotion aside, what I admire most about you is your honesty and courage to express. Keep up the wonderful work, it's truly therapeutic for the readers too!

21 September 2002

Hello Anne. Just got finished reading your entry on "Variations on a theme",and just wanted to remind you of the fact that your journal is enjoyed by many, so please keep up the good work! It may be therapeutic for you to write, but I think it is also therapeutic for many of your readers, just like a good book.

Also on a different topic, I'm attempting to explore classical music on a deeper level. Can you please send me any information that may be helpful to a beginner, like how to listen, analyze, or critique classical music. Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

analyticalQ reply: Classical music has always been there. So has music appreciation. Instead of buying new books, why not visit your local library? In England, public libraries are stocked with lots of books on music and other subjects that don't expire with time. Learning to listen and eventually with a critical ear takes time. If you have a classical music radio station, why not leave it on?
21 September 2002I really liked your brown article. But will you bleach your floor? That would be such a shame. I would suggest you experiment on a few floortiles first -and use the other side!
21 September 2002I am not always sure if I should forward silly nonsense like that. But I felt it was done so well. (Especially the Mexicans and the ole' Hotdog!).
17 September 2002
I like the new shades of grey in Bon Journal. (How do you spell grey - or gray?) They enhance the colour photo inserts and make them look more exciting instead of the former multi-colour background that was somehow competing for visual brilliance. However, I must say the older multi-colour background gave Bon Journal a "younger" feel.

Maybe it's an illusion from the shades of grey, or maybe it's your new job-free state, but I do detect a noticeable touch of sombreity in your recent writings; positively you could say that is newfound maturity. You also seem more analytical / critical about everyday stuff now - maybe that's a substitution from your not having the opportunity to practise analytiques in a professional setting. Just my opinion, don't mind me.

By the way, when you select the various grey shades, make the set lighter cos the dark shades dont contrast well with the words when viewed on my notebook's TFT screen - it looks okay on the CRT screens but not the TFT screens. Somehow grey appears darker on TFT - a visual effect methinks.

I like the "Jobs, Careers, Work, Origins" page. I'm amazed how so much can be said in such little space.

17 September 2002

We are 2 students working on our master thesis, and we are really impressed by the work you did during your doctoral thesis and we think that you can guide us. We need to find a software to evaluate if the construction of
a new plant is necessary or not, by maximizing Profit.

After reading your thesis, we think that we can make a scenario analysis, and in each scenario, we need to plan production in order to optimize profit.

But there are so many software and perhaps you can advise us on an adequate one, because we started to work on PowerSim, but it does not seem robust enough because of the following reasons:
- During the simulation, we need to implement the market price value (already defined for us) for each hour during one year (8760 hours).
- During the simulation, at the hour H we need to check some variables at
the hour H-1, and also H+1, +2, until H+6 and this is imperative [sic, iterative?]
- So, we tried to use arrays to be able to go down and up in the time but the robustness of the software does not allow so big dimensions.

Our Problem is defined very briefly in the attached file to give you an idea of our model.

We hope you will have time to consider our problem and we thank you in advance for your answer.

16 September 2002
Miami, Florida
Very nice website. Please visit URGENT my website!!! Webmaestro :)
16 September 2002
San Jose, Califronia
I enjoyed visiting your site and found that we have similar background and many common interests. My professional interest is in energy market risk management, particularly using real options to manage investment risk in powerplants and electricity price volatility. I am interested in your concept on flexibility and wonder whether you have any case studies of using real options in energy market you can share with me. My intellectual interest is in how people make decisions and what are the consistent principles for decision-making.
16 September 2002
South Africa
Firstly .... I really dig the content on your website :-) I'm doing some research right now on Modelling Electricity Production / Capacity Planning, thats how I encountered your work via your Phd Thesis on your website. My question to you is : Did any commercial software come out of the work you did for your thesis, if so I'm interested in purchasing this. If not what commercial packages could you recommend ?
15 September 2002

What’s the latest on the work front? You are a cat that always ends up on her feet, so I know you are fine.

14 September 2002
Californian entrepreneur in London
This may be the last LondonLog, as I settle in. Today marks my six-month anniversary in London. Regretfully, this is most likely my last LondonLog. I am rapidly becoming a native here and losing a sense of distance from this place and this culture. I can feel my life turning toward living its path, as opposed to observing my new surroundings as a newcomer. I hope you enjoyed the Logs as much as I feel gratified in having expressed some of the complexity that drives me as a person.
14 September 2002

Hello, I have visited and noticed that your website is not listed on some search engines. I am sure that through our service the number of people who visit your website will definitely increase. SeekerCenter is a unique technology that instantly submits your website to over 500,000 search engines and directories -- a really low-cost and effective way to advertise your site.

analyticalQ reply: is this a free service with no catch to it?

14 September 2002

Southern Illinois

Hello, I am wanting to get some houseplants and I am disabled so money is tight and I enjoy plants. I have a few and would love more. Do you ever thin yours out and if you do could you ship me some starts and what would the cost be? please email me.

analyticalQ reply: sorry, we don't ship plants.

13 September 2002

If you feel like traveling to Pasadena Wed. October 23rd. My band is playing from 9:30-11pm at a bar in the "Old Town" section of Pasadena.
10 September 2002 I love your website to your friend. I graduated in '82 so I was intrigued by the song. I listened and then started to read and listened further on. I heard the song "Grandmother's Love" and it touched my heart. It sounds as though you are confused and sad about things. In your journal you said there are no answers. Maybe the answers are here in this site and the people you touch with it. Furthermore, in the music; which is a True gift from God.
9 September 2002
Bush and Bush 2002 (click to get the full picture)
8 September 2002

Just read about passing away of Landers and your recent journals. All right, you also have literary talent and love to write, offer ideas to help solve problems, host parties or get-togethers, and above all, enjoy leisure so you can do nothing at all.

One of the three or maybe four most learned Buddhist monks and nuns in Taiwan was recently interviewed by a famous DJ over TV. He talked about his view on life and success, happiness, etc. He didn't mention duration, constraint. But he did say to create, to learn and master new skills, to discover new tech, to invent are all meaningful in a person's life. Only he added one important condition: all the doings must be moral, that is, be harmonious with our human nature and our environment protection. Obviously, as a Buddhist monk, he is not opposed to great progress in hi-tech, but he worries about bad side effects along with new inventions and discoveries that things may get out of hand. Industrial overdevelopment and sabotage of forests, which cause extinction of species, and Mother Nature are suicide of mankind. Just for your ref, Lao Tze, the founder of Taoism, opposed progress. He emphasized that tech progress would lead to the fall of mankind. He even said: People live in nearby villages and do not visit each other all their lives. He felt that the greater the progress, the more problems mankind would face.

7 September 2002
East Coast USA
I've only read a few of your entries. Your early ones (a few years ago) were pretty annoying so I stopped reading them. The last few that you've linked for me have been much, much better. Especially the squatting one. I think when you point out oddities about normal things, you are entertaining. When you write about yourself, it seems tedious.
7 September 2002
Nottingham, England
Liked your review of "The Importance of Being Earnest" - We saw it the same night you did. Some of the film was shot at (West?) Wycombe Park (just down the road from the house where Byron and friends had their hell-fire club). I love Wycombe, as they hold open air concerts there in the summer which are so good.
4 September 2002Don't know why, but I found myself this morning in tears behind my computer screen, reading all you put up on your website for Patty. It really is very touching to read about your mutual history and her disappearing. So sad it is. I have never experienced that someone I closely know has disappeared in a mystery. Your work here shows that such things do actually happen. People do hurt each other.
4 September 2002
New Jersey
That was a pretty long Bon Journal entry but it looks like you dissected the book very well.
4 September 2002
Rochester, NY USA

Enjoyed your website. You are a scientist and I am a playwright, screenwriter and actor. I believe both converge. Both seek to understand the mysteries which ironically are revealed when we combine our hearts with our heads. It is both at the same time. Your warm and friendly website does both. I very much agree with your view that we must be creative to satisfy our hungry hearts and minds. This has surely been my life. I also admire your openness and sincerity to the world. I often feel this way, too, but sometimes hold back because of my family history, which I write about in most of my plays.

I was drawn to your website because I was looking for the seven cardinal sins. On Google (search engine), I typed in "seven cardinal sins" and your website came up. I wanted to be sure that I know what they are: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, lust. Then I read your "dinner date" letter about the seven cardinal sins. It is good, humorous, warm, receptive, introspective. I write about these "sins" of which I and my family are guilty but humbly pray that I will be forgiven. And like you, I examine myself to be more fully human, compassionate and kind not only to others but also to myself. Your doctoral dissertation on the modelling of electricity (right title?) sounds wonderful but way beyond my capability to understand. Congratulations.

3 September 2002
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1 September 2002The 28th March entry jumped me from behind - 2 rainbows - have seen two since I've lived where I've lived (March) - what else does it mean? Mark

30 August 2002

Internet Seer

Time: Fri Aug 30 17:28:32 EDT 2002, EST
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29 August 2002Just checked your sale.. What a nice collage of items! Allow me to give a few suggestions? The telephone/answering machine: New in a box. Sizes of curtains and carpets? (important!) How many ringbinders, two? How many file boxes? Just thought specifics might help here.
28 August 2002Dear pampered pianist, Thank you very much for changing your last entry on sightreading. Now I honestly can say that you do justice to the challenges faced by those who dedicated their lives to playing the guitar and sightreading music. For a moment I had the frightful impression you didn't consider guitarists a choice when it comes to playing music and all that may follow...
28 August 2002On Sightreading.

I strongly feel guitarists arent given the respect they deserve with this diary entry when you say "They are the worst". I do agree with the fact that sight-reading is by far more complicated than sight reading is for a keyboard instrument. But that does not make them the worst. The worst sight readers are those who lack the knowledge or the technical skill.

Indeed knowing music theory helps a lot. I reckon that is a basis for good sightreaders.

I would appreciate it when you could rephrase the section I referred to.

Sincerely, a dedicated guitarist

26 August 2002
male, Atlanta

Hello, I am interested in the text "Investments, by Bodie Kane & Marcus, hardback 115 pages." Please let if this is still available, and if so, which edition you have available. Thanks.
26 August 2002
Enneagram Institute
On you have a broken link to the Enneagram Institute. You're linking to " " -- please drop the space after the forward slash.
26 August 2002
male investment banker, Chicago

Hi Anne. I accidentally found your website searching for information on Prima Vista or Sight-reading exercises. I found your sight-reading stories very encouraging.

I love everything about music and playing the piano. I often say that if I win the lottery, I would just prepare to enroll in a conservatory dedicate a lot more time to learning piano. I started piano instruction early (I was about 8), then abandoned it when I was 14 (had terrible teachers), and got back to it again about 10 years ago. Presently I continue to train without instructor, although I am planning to get a teacher again in the near future.

My most immediate problem is that my sight-reading skills are not at par with my playing skills, which I have heard is a quite common deficiency. I am practicing to solve that by peforming sight-reading exercises with a book I bought. My long-term goal (and dream) is to develop my sight-reading skills as quickly as possible in order to be able to play in an amateur chamber ensemble. It would be a great way to share my music knowledge with other people. However, up to this point my piano instruction has been focused on building a repertoire by learning to play certain works through weeks of reading and memorizing. I find this method of playing the piano incomplete and prevents me from being more spontaneous with music.

I would appreciate any advice on the matter. Also, if you happen know of any books/methods that are good, please let me know. I know that, like almost everything else, this is an area where the quote "10% inspiration and 90% perspiration" applies. However, I always search for smart learning principles that can shorten my task.

analyticalQ reply


23 August 2002
Dear Pianist,

I just read your latest journal entries and had a big laugh! very nice, well written and a pleasure to read!

When it comes to relations, I think respect is number ONE. It's the thing, together with reliability, that, once lost, is almost impossible to win back.

When you decide to come to Holland, please let me know. I look really forward to meeting with you. From what the pictures on your website tell me, you're a real lady and I just happen to like 'em like that! Why not take your chances to find out that I have what you are looking for? (and it's not just my talent).

22 August 2002

Hello stranger from the doorstep and now not so strange. Just a quick note to say it all sounds right up my alley. Haven't enough time now but will come back.....

Here's that stranger again! Really great sight/site. I've downloaded some stuff and will try to read it.

22 August 2002
Internet Seer
Time: Thu Aug 22 08:51:37 EDT 2002, EST
Total Time on Error: 2 hours, 57 minutes
21 August 2002
Dear Anne

Thanks for replying to my e-mail. I thought I'd respond back to let you know I'm putting together an information pack, but because of the interest in Web Windows it may be a day or so until I can get it out to you.

I have asked our Art department to design a Web Windows panel for your site and will put a copy of the artwork (printed on photographic paper) in with the four-page media information pack. I have put the URL at the top of the image, and underneath is a by-line description "Everyone needs to create."

There are some great introductory rates available at the moment, so this is a brilliant time to test us out. I have put together this table for you below. These prices are not quoted on our website, or in any of the literature I am sending, and are relevant for your company for the dates shown only, so I would appreciate it if you kept these rates quiet.

analyticalQ reply: thank you very much. If you can give this free of charge, then we'll put you as a sponsor of our site.
20 August 2002
Dear Website Owner

An affordable marketing idea for

I visited your website this morning and was impressed both in terms of layout and content. You've got the kind of site which our readers would be interested in and thought you might want to consider this advertising proposal.

If you're a reader of the Sunday supplements or see copies of Hello magazine, you may be aware of the fortnightly section which we put together called Web Windows.

The pages appear in the magazines and are specially designed to showcase 15 websites. Each featured website has a sharp colour image together with a by line description underneath.

More and more websites are finding this a very affordable way of reaching over 5 million readers and increasing traffic to their website. Successful advertising is often due to the sheer size of the audience reached and these four publication are amongst the largest in the UK.

Prices can start from as little as £295 which includes producing artwork for your approval and as a bonus you'll also receive a free banner ad on Lycos (Europe's largest portal) for a fortnight.

16 August 2002Hi like the film of titanic
16 August 2002
Chicago, Illinois
Hey Anne Wassup! I just went on your website today. I liked it. I like the variation of it. So, you're from London? How is it over there? My aunt went there a few years back. I have a friend in Spain. I keep in touch with him. But since I'm Latin, I have to write in Spanish to write to him. hehe. I'm from Chicago Illinois. It's da bomb g! I'm starting school in September. How old are you by the way? Well, I gotta go. Keep in touch alright
16 August 2002
Wow, I just had a good look at your website. Very esoteric I must say! It looks like a lot of work has gone into it, and you must be attending to it all the time! I have just found You may know about it already, but it is representing the Enron staff who got stuffed. You might be interested in it if you haven't seen it.
14 August 2002
Internet Seer
Time: Wed Aug 14 21:30:15 EDT 2002, EST Total Time on Error: 3 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds
14 August 2002How do colours really affect the mind and the body? Does that mean our mood can be changed when we view some colors. If the answer is yes, what are the colours and how could it function like that?
14 August 2002Am amazed by your work. What are you currently working on? Ever thought of joining a small but dynamic start up company?
9 August 2002 Docteur: Anne Ku Fila. A Objet: invention Je vous ai envoyee,un message concernant mon invention du moteur autogene. J'attends une reponse ,de votre part.Ni le temps,ni les circonstances ne me sont favorables. Si vous n'etes pas interessee, j'irai ailleurs. Merci Docteur.
8 August 2002

What part of the foot would I rub to stop the pain in my pelvic area? Thank you so much for your help.

analyticalQ reply: please consult the links on the site.
8 August 2002
IT expert, Malaysia
The FBI has issued a warning Tuesday morning about an impending denial-of-service attack originating from Western Europe. Upon further monitoring they found little traces of it in the past few days. However, it is believed there were some scattered evidence of an attack, and this could very well be the reason for the strange problems you and I are encountering. The nature of the warning suggests that it is likely to be experienced more so in Europe or on European web servers. The possible sympton of a "denial of service" attack is very similar to what we have experienced - difficulty (or impossible) to load pages or access websites. Suggest to sit this one out for a few days, wait until end of the week and see if it still happens. If the problem persists, it could be problems with the web hosting service or internet access provider.
7 August 2002
Hi, I 'm wondering if you could help me? I am in need of the Luscher Colour Test for a course I'm undertaking and I'm finding it very difficult to track down to buy. It would really be appreciated if you could help.
7 August 2002
Forgive my intrusion, but I found your entry in Stefan's guest book whilst searching for Teresa Teng lyrics. Do you have any good links? If you are interested, I have quite a few of her songs in MP3 format.
7 August 2002
Internet Seer
Time: Wed Aug 07 10:13:59 EDT 2002, EST
Total Time on Error: 4 hours, 54 minutes, 5 seconds
7 August 2002 These days I'm packing books, nicely printed art magazines which grandpa never read and which I love to read in future, slides, and lots of whatnots into paperboard boxes. now I'm facing dozens of heavy musical records. Today, they are all replaced by light and handy CD's. Tell me, according to your experience of moving, decluttering and packing, what are you going to do with these musical records? To listen to them, I even have to buy a record player. I try to get rid of my hi fi cassette player-recorder, speakers, only to find no 2nd-hand stores exist
6 August 2002
female information specialist, UK
It was nice to meet you again. I have had a look at your site - I don't know how you have time to keep it all up to date!
6 August 2002
not the site owner
Suggest a link: Two Worlds United Study Abroad Program
Excellent research for high school and college students that wish to Study Abroad or participate in a Student Exchange Program (students and teachers who wish to travel or study an academic year, semester or summer abroad. ) Provides Scholarships and Grants to Students. Non profit organization, recognized worldwide.
5 August 2002
risk manager, West Coast USA

How is life outside of the 9-5 treating you? I am getting more responsibility for strategy. Any thoughts on good sources of opinions on where our industry is headed?

analyticalQ reply: I'm running out of time sleeping, eating, swimming, cycling, and socialising. I don't understand how anybody has time to work.
5 August 2002
Teresa Teng male fan
The only places I know about are those linked on my Teresa page, there is not so many Teresa pages out there as you might expect. I hope you can find something interesting there.
3 August 2002
female, USA
An internet search brought me to your site. Although I'm still surfing through it, I'm fascinated by what you've created here. I've also done a bit of traveling myself. I just returned to the US from the UK a month ago. Although I was raised and schooled in the US, I've worked for Taiwanese companies here, in Taiwan, and in the UK. I can get into that later. First and foremost, I have a dilemma with a paper I've been trying to put together on the subject of "guan xi" using myself and my experiences as the subject of reference. Have you any thoughts or references to recommend - as far as the usages/misusages of, the connection/disassociation of... as practiced/acknowledged by the people from each of these areas. I've been trying to put something together for the past year, and I don't know if it's a writer's block or what, it's very frustrating, but I must crank something out within the next few days...

3 August 2002

John Clews,
Harrogate, UK

Hello, I am a the editor of the Keytempo worldwide directory of musicians, composers, ensembles, organizations and companies, which can be seen at It is expected that Keytempo will grow into one of the most visited music directory sites during 2002 to 2003, due to its worldwide coverage, its planned very large size, and its ease of navigation: Keytempo entries therefore increase visibility for performers. Basic listings in the national Keytempo directories are free.

3 August 2002

24-year old female, Cameroon

It is a pleasure for me to have contact with your address. It will surprise you how I got your address. I was look where I will have Christian friends and I saw you on your web site and your photo. From there I have the desire to write to you. I am a member of the Full Gospel Mission Cameroon. I have happy to have contact with you. I hope will be a good friend. God bless you for now.
31 July 2002
Internet Seer
Time: Wed Jul 31 05:22:05 EDT 2002, EST Total Time on Error: 21 minutes, 24 seconds
31 July 2002
Internet Seer
Time: Wed Jul 31 05:00:42 EDT 2002, EST Error Type: No Response From Web Server
31 July 2002
analyst, Indonesia
I enjoy reading your articles and found them to be very useful. I'm sorry to read that you're leaving but I wish you'll enjoy your next 'journey'. My background is geologist but now most of the times I work as an information analyst in a renewable energy company in Indonesia. I just wonder have you ever written down or do an analysis on Power Energy in Asia, especially in Indonesia. Or you might ever known someone is doing this analysis. Our Power Energy sector currently is very 'volatile' started several years ago due to our currency crisis. Thank you
30 July 2002

I would be potentially interested in buying Feller (Intro. to Probability Theory and its Applications) provided that (a) it is the third edition, and (b) it is unmarked and in good condition. If these conditions are true, what would be the price?

analyticalQ replies: I've lent this to a friend who has a 60% chance of replying to my email by the weekend. If he does reply, there is a 95% chance that he will confirm that it is the 3rd edition and I'm pretty certain that it is unmarked and in good condition. Given the analysis, there's 75% probability that I can let you know by next week.
30 July 2002Did you take a decision analytic perspective to measuring flexibility? I tried and concluded it only worked when the problem was really well defined and didn't encounter changes in preferences.

29 July 2002


parody on Broadway

They say the stocks were selling high on Wall Street
They said your stock will never fail
But now the bear has come to town
My 401K's going down
The glitter rubbed off fast and I'm nowhere

They say the brokers treat you right on Wall Street
But now they just give me the blues
Now they won't give me the time
They know I don't have one thin dime

And one thin dime is useless anyway
They say I won't last long on Wall Street
I'll catch a Greyhound bus for home they all say
But they're dead wrong in what they say

Bush tells me it's all OK
All I need to do is trust in Wall Street.

26 July 2002
Anne, I'm very interested to learn more about your work on flexibility. Do you have any of your papers which you can refer me to? I came across your site during a search using Sherlock. I did check out your site. Did you do your thesis with Marvin M? Hope all goes well with your book
24 July 2002
Hi! I was reading "Victim Of Technology" while listening to Cat Steven's album, and guess what... another parody from the Hungry Poet to add to your collection. Proves how inspiring and motivating AnalyticalQ and Bon Journal has become. Don't stop!
24 July 2002
parodist, USA
Thanks for posting a few of my parodies. I actually had discovered your AnalyticalQ site quite a while ago, and I submitted my site link to you, which you had posted on your music links page, (at the bottom left corner of your page) - but I discovered you had a parodies page only today by visiting one of the links I had posted on my web site, The Centre For Political Song based in Scotland. They posted your link there. You have a neat web site. Like you, I also have musical interests. I play the organ, electronic keyboards, and the autoharp. I play the autoharp in a folk band called The Earth Tones, and our web site is here: Some of our MP3's are posted at I have written over 700 political song parodies since 1995, so I probably have more than you'll ever need or want to post at your web site. I have devoted at least some of my parodies to reflecting current political events, so if you need any more submittals for a particular event or issue, let me know.
24 July 2002
parodist, USA

Prison Time
(Sung to the tune of "Clementine")
Parody by Bill Tong

Now in tatters, Enron ruined.
Fraud committed all that time.
Such disasters by their masters, .... continued

25 July 2002
New Yorker

Thought you might be interested in this writing contest:
Nightly Business Report 7/24/02: Last Word- Writing Enron & WorldCom's Wrongs


24 July 2002
consultant, Houston

Thank you for touching base and leaving a forwarding address ! I read the article and found it an interesting take on a very rapidly evolving field. The energy industry has sure changed a lot since we talked... but then again, change is opportunity sometimes. What are you doing now ? Please stay in touch. I wish you all the best !

24 July 2002
researcher, Johannesburg,
South Africa
I am carrying out a research on "web-based cross border energy trade" This is an MSc research . Please if you have a link or where I can find related resources I shall be very greatful.
24 July 2002
Islamabad, Pakistan
I came to your site by search engine. I like the employment law links. Actually I am looking for the site in which Ican get the information about the Pakistani citizens who are living in the UK. In fact Iam looking for someone.
22 July 2002
Consultant, California
I just took a look at your site - what an incredible renaissance woman you are, Anne! I have no idea how you keep so many balls in the air at one time! Keep it up - you're an inspiration to those of us who struggle just to keep themselves clothed and fed!
22 July 2002
Arab vocal and lute music? how very eclectic!
21 July 2002Check this out: - from 19 July 2002 journal entry
20 July 2002I need to know the rules for making a valid parody. Who decides if it is a valid parody? How much of the old words can I leave in as a hook for the new ones or must all the words be changed with only the melody remaining?
19 July 2002
an admirer
Dear Spidergirl
Indeed you do lure interesting people into your web. They get caught and can't escape. Your bite, however, isn't lethal. It's infecting those you have stung, with inspiration, hope and happiness. To see a stranger share so much of the day to day experiences makes a perfect potion. Indeed a spidergirl and a really pretty one too!
19 July 2002
In gewissen olproduzierenden landern werden die vorrate knapp. Eine frage stellt sich: was wird die zukunft energie sein? Welche energiequelle kann dann die sonnergie, die kernenergie und die gas und olenergie ersetzen?
19 July 2002
I'm willing to work in UK so I need work permit so please help me to provide the work permit.
18 July 2002 I was on your site for the first time a couple of days ago, and I must admit that I've been coming back to read everyday. There was one entry where you spoke about doing whatever was required to do well in your classes. This particular entry spoke about you going through an entire Calculus book, and then going to the library to get more books and you ended up completing all the problems in those books as well.I'm intrigued by this level of discipline that must of been required to achieve these type of accomplishments. Can you please share with me what motivated you in your academic success, as well as some more of your methods that you used for studying and success in general?
18 July 2002Automatic tours...gorgeous pictures. By the way, I finally saw a picture of your sister on your site. It wasn't a great picture, but at least I know what she looks like...a bit like you. I read a bit about Decision Analysis on your site. Afraid you left out a small, but important point... It's a method that can put the odds of winning in your favor when faced with uncertainty. The key word is "uncertainty" that was missing from your short paragraph. Most people call it "risk" as I believe that most people are pessimistic. But you get my drift. So what are you doing to get financing for your tour?
16 July 2002
Hello Anne, I just ran across your page and I found it to be great.I just have two questions.What do you do for a living? How did you manage to get to travel the world? Traveling the world is just one of my dreams.Take care, and I will stop by again. [Thanks for responding. Actually I don't quite remember how I stumbled across your page.The last thing I remember looking for was info on Feng Shui.]
16 July 2002Sounds like a lot of fun! I would have loved to be there. After all we met Houria through me playing the guitar.
16 July 2002

The "Next" link on this page: points to the 10th. Keep up the great writing. Cheers.

analyticalQ replies: thanks for this message. I've corrected it as a result of your kind alert!
15 July 2002
Well, did you see my link to your website? It's on the announcement page. I'm still tying up loose ends there. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for linking mine in your website. You did a great job -- it looks very nice like that and is very marketable. I like how you split the watercolors from the cartoons....VERY GOOD. MAHALO!
13 July 2002
Glad that you can read chinese on your computer. The website of the most popular chi-language daily in Taiwan is: this paper and China Times are the two major dailies that most people, particularly in Taipei, love to read. columnist articles and editorials carried by them are well written.
13 July 2002
I enjoyed the trader-joke very much! How much truth can there be in a joke?!
12 July 2002
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12 July 2002
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12 July 2002
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12 July 2002
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12 July 2002
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12 July 2002
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12 July 2002
You've been to Taiwan and back, and who knows where else since your last message. You really do get around! By the way, I finally found a place near here that stocks Hoegaarden, and I bought some -- and drank some -- in your honor!
11 July 2002
It is unfortunate that we didn't get a chance to talk before you put that article together. I am not sure if I understood correctly that you are not with your company any more, in which case I don't know if this email will reach you at all. In any case, thanks very much for sending me a file with your article on electricity price forecasting.
11 July 2002Ha!Ha!Ha! Your "Who Said" joke is absolutely hilarious...I almost fell off the chair chuckling!
11 July 2002
Interested in your expertise on STP
10 July 2002
Thanks so much for supporting the Nightingale project by coming to the concert and bringing friends. I'll keep you informed... provisionally the next one is 28 Oct.
10 July 2002


analyticalQ replies: Rule number one - no spelling or typing mistakes in any correspondence.
9 July 2002
West Coast USA
I am listening to your CD now. I like it. I am trying to get information to provide my son guidance on which instrument to take up. The school begins to offer strings instruction in 4th grade. However, I think the violin is harder to appreciate on a stand alone basis compared to brass or better yet the piano.
8 July 2002
I apologize if there was any inconvenience caused to you from another client. We strive to make certain that any clients overusing their allottment, or causing hinderences to other clients, are removed from shared hosting. If you are requesting an SLA compensation, then you would need to fill out the form located at: The most that we remit back to our clients is a month of hosting, and I would of course fulfill any violation of our SLA and AUP, without fail. If you have any questions, or I can assist any further, please let me know.
7 July 2002
HI.. MY NAME IS ----- I AM FROM ABUDHABI , I AM LOOKING FOR A GIRL FRIEND FROM U A E , OR from any part of the world , age between 20-30 contact me on my e mail .. and you well not be sorry .. I am 28 years old, very good looking, honest and believe in friendship.
6 July 2002Just saw the pictures. Some really beautiful ones! I liked the ones outdoors where the background is really blurred. The ones inside were very nice too! If I remember well, I liked: 8, 9, 15, 19, 22, 35, 70. But I could be wrong.
5 July 2002
I beleive that this problem has been fixed. There was a small problem on the shared server that your domain is hosted on - this server ran out of room on the /home partition. We have cleared up a lot of space on that server and the problems that you are experiencing should not exist anymore. However if you are experiencing these problems let us know right away.
5 July 2002
Well we are back in the land of red buses, black cabs, traffic jams and the infamous M25.
5 July 2002I like your piece on "job-free". In a twist from your case, I am "job-tied", as opposed to "having a job".
5 July 2002
We often marvel at German technology, Swiss precision, and American governance. Lately all three icons of modern civilization have been shot to pieces. What is next I wonder.
5 July 2002
Thank you for the phone discussion on Tuesday and thank you for your article on forecasting. It is very well written. Given the market for forward electricity which has developed as a result of de-monopolization, forecasting is more critical to profits than ever. I know that you said that you do not know much which is specific to China. But I was wondering if you would care to identify what you think are the two or three key issues that the Chinese electricity industry will face in the coming decade? I would find this useful to benchmark against my own thinking, to see if I have missed something important.

4 July 2002

By the way, I liked your article about being job-free. I'm aiming to stop working full time when I'm 50, and be permanently job-free - but that means earning a lot now, or better still setting up a business which by then is going strong.
4 July 2002Do you know the artist and name of this song. Work like you don't need the money Love like it's never going to hurt Dance like nobody's watching
3 July 2002
Just thought I drop you a quick email to see how you are: jobwise and otherwise - if you know what I mean ...
3 July 2002
I will be sure to add you to the list to receive a review copy of David Myers' new book Intuition.
3 July 2002
Thanks for your prompt reply. I am planning to pop into Borders to have a look at some of the titles that you have, although I may need to wait 2-3 weeks to make up my mind as I am quite busy with research.
3 July 2002
I have done online reviews for various publishers since 1997 and I was wondering if your publication used reviewers? I have done non-fiction books on digital topics as well as mystery book reviews, etc.
2 July 2002This problem has been rectified. There was a new account that was placed on this server yesterday. This account was experiencing lots of traffic causing the server to be slow. We have suspended this account and it will be removed as soon as the client can remove their data.
2 July 2002On formula of happiness, some academic psychologists have started to search for a taxonomy - to guide the formulation and building of the 'good life.'
2 July 2002
New York
Thank you for mentioning the book The Pursuit of Happiness. Through the web site of the author: I got many interesting links, including the Journal of Happiness Studies. By the way, your site is down (0840am New York time).
1 July 2002
How are you? Do you think you may still be able to make it to Las Vegas for my wedding?
1 July 2002
I think your music career is very exciting. When you are truly passionate about your talent and share it with the world, and make money to earn a living, then you've arrived.
1 July 2002
If I had the rest of the summer off ... I would be a pretty happy camper. Going any place exciting?
1 July 2002
You were always a fair and thorough journalist and you will be missed. Thank you for the support and coverage you gave to us.

1 July 2002

I've just read your diary about leaving your job. It must be wonderful to have so many people saying so many nice (and true) things about you. I shall also pass the web page onto three of my colleagues who've just been fired

1 July 2002

salut jesuis un joueur de flute,je suis marocain rt je veux(s'ilest possible de m'envoyer tous les noveautès concernant la flute à bec avec tous mes complèments

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