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Parody Collection

last update:
12 August 2003

What is a parody?

A parady is a literary composition imitating an author's work for the purpose of ridicule.

If you have any interesting ones, please feel free to submit to this collection.


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Parody submissions
My friend experienced a lot of grief from his local bathroom salesman who wanted to charge a 20% cancellation fee on a bathtub that was too big for his bathroom. Here's a parody to relieve him a little.
12 August 2003

Leavin' on a jetstream

sung to John Denver's "Leavin' on a Jet Plane"

parodied by Anne Ku

The Bon Journal hasn't been updated as regularly as pre-March because Anne Ku has been very busy transforming her life.
21 April 2003

We Love Your Bon Journal

sung to the tune of Mary Hopkin's "Those Were the Days"

parodied by The Hungry Poet, who wrote "Dear Anne You asked us to "Please contact Webmaster if you miss reading these entries". Well, I hope this says it all... "

Extreme emotions can cause one to produce a parody to a song in a similar situation
19 March 2003

Torn Between Two Women to the tune of "Torn Between Two Lovers"

parodied by Anne Ku
Reaction to "a perfectionist's racket"
18 March 2003

I love snoring to the tune of "I am Woman"

parodied by the Hungry Poet, who wrote "When I read your 4th March journal entry Helen Reddy's song "I am Woman" just kept ringing in my ears as I surfed through the rest of your journal. I find from my experience women more than men always want to be proven right, and the quest for clarity between black and white with little consideration for grey areas prevails in most circumstances involving a difference of opinion. The perfectionist syndrome or "racket" is stronger amongst women.
Introducing absolutely hilarious parodies

analyticalQ: Terry Parish is parody king!

analyticalQ is proud to introduce a new talent, discovered by way of the Parodies Guestbook.

Parodies by Terry Parish

parental guidance required for a few .... midi's included.
Divorcees, beware of "My Way" last - someone has parodied this all-time favourite
Updated 11th March 2003
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analyticalQ webmaster reserves the right to edit or delete entries. 8 September 2002
Unique, observant, creative. Parodied by an avid analyticalQ fan, perhaps even the most avid fan! Inspired and triggered by analyticalQ Bon Journal
by Billy Tan
April 2002: 2050
March 2002: first blossom ...

Computer has broken

Where have all the berries gone

Professor is coming to town


Too many parodies to be listed here. Visit Enron Parody Page
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Robert J. Pagliaro sent three parodies to analyticalQ in December 2001. Here are two.

Theme from Q*A*E*D*A
(Suicide Is Painless)

sung to the tune of MASH

The Ballad of Osama

sung to the tune of "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" by Paul Henning

But here is one in early May - written about the recent tumble of the stock markets.   It was forwarded by email.  Author unknown.

Humble Pie

sung to the tune of American Pie

about the Nasdaq crash in April 2000

Lots of other political parody links here too

Electoral Rhapsody 2000

sung to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

about the Florida recount in November 2000

"Poetry is the hotlink to our deepest feelings." Don't get mad, just get even. Here's a Christmas gift to Mister Tannenbaum in Atlanta, Georgia.

O Tannenbaum

sung to the tune of "O Christmas Tree."

California's energy crisis put electric power on the headlines of newspaper and radio stations. Here is what Santa Cruz residents are chanting -

Rollin, rollin, rollin

sung to the tune of Rawhide theme song

about California's power crisis since summer 2000