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16 June 2001 college student - When I tried to download the variations of fur elise, it came out in little squares. I wondered if you had a copy that you could email me straight off or something - any other tips would help!! I would just like to ask you if there are any other qualifications in piano that i would need to have to teach? Also, just to tell you that your pieces are amazing!!!
12 June 2001 - - Just wondering how I download the fonts so that the full score makes sense when it's been downloaded!! I'm not very good at all this - sorry if its really simple but could you tell me how to do it please as I would really like to be able to print and learn to play all your compositions and arrangements as they are all so cool!! Thank You
1 Jun - Coventry, UK I was entranced by some of the original compositions. Winter in July is delightful. I've already downloaded it as a MIDI file to attempt my own arrangement of it.
18 May 2001 office person Malaysia I stumbled upon your marvelous website quite by accident when I was searching for the origin to the saying "journey of a thousand miles ..." to confirm if that was indeed from Confucius. I am writing a book, and needed to quote that line with credit. When I saw the pictures of your travels, I was indeed so deeply touched by them for a very simple reason... Looking at your website brought an unspeakable flurry of nostalgia, and oddly enough the Robert Frost poem happens to be my absolute favourite.
15 May 2001 student London Glad to see you managed to finish the diary, well done. I now also have a new journal online, but the site is in a state of semi-completion at I think I need some of your tips for search engine submissions, as I found yours immediately on google.
14 May male - Are U Japanese or Chinese?
10 May male   None of those quotes attributed by you to George W. Bush are his. It's all crap. Evidence of a Vast Leftwing Conspiracy. You oughta be ashamed.
26 April 2001 - - I play flute in a christian band called Sons of Jubal - I love your website and the music is very accomplished. Thanks for the beautiful music. It's very inspiring
21 April 2001 male Hawaii I really enjoy your diary entries. The subjects you cover are very diverse and interesting. I try to check out your web page on a daily basis, I noticed it's been over a week since your last diary entry. I am sure its a challenge to come up with different subjects to write about, on a daily basis.
20 April 2001 male NW USA The daily entries. I enjoy your insights very much and they really make me think. Whether it is something I have experienced myself, never thought of before or something I already knew about but didnrquote t fully understand and all of a sudden it becomes clear. You have been a very positive influence on me and donrquote t even know it. I enjoy your photos and stories of traveling as well. I found a way to see so many places I know I will never go to through you.
16 April 2001 male Germany I noticed on your site that you're looking for a parody of "My Way". I know of an English entertainer named Earl Okin who has a wonderful parody of the song called "Steinway". "Look over here, what have I got? Is it in tune? Oh, no, it's not! I play the Blues, I've paid my dues, I want a STEINWAY". Unfortunately, I don't know how to contact him, but maybe this will put you on the right track. I'm looking for information about an orchestra that parodies classical music. They're called (as far as I know) "The Portsmouth Symphonium". I heard their parody of the "1812 Overture" and had stomach cramps for three days afterwards. If you know where I can find their material, I'd be most grateful if you could send me the pertinent information.
10 April 2001 part-time photography student London I am very impressed by your site. I am hoping to write my own, although much more limited than yours. You have a very good range of quality content there!
10 April 2001 male US

Hi, I would like to book a party of 14 in a BBb on 12th May 2001. I would like to know whether you have anything available and how much this would cost .

Has the travel section been so successful that visitors think analyticalQ is a travel agent?

6 April 2001 male -

I wonder how you can mention the Diary of Anne Frank, an incredible testament to the courage of a race forced to live like animals under attack from a sadistic regime, in the same space as the Diary of Anne Ku, which is a list of everyday happenings with no particular point to make.

The juxtaposition reduces the struggle for life, something few young people in the west could understand, to the level of "today I saw a hill". I suppose it's like measuring the experience of sitting still for five minutes with being locked in a cupboard for three years.

The internet is clogged up with personal sites explaining in abundant detail how someone bought their first hankerchief and I think all this technology and time could be put to better use somehow.

4 April 2001 energy expert London Your website was not only useful but interesting to my whilst researching an energy-industry website. If you're able to give me some feedback on the site we're putting together I'd be very grateful too!
4 April 2001 female San Diego, CA Your brain was the usual topic of conversation with the typical Kubasaki talk. Amazing, dimensional art in a pragmatic force. Reading your research. Wished it was sooner. A late bloomer, again. The music composition which you performed in E'flat by ? , in Mr. Scales humanities class was ... obviously moving. Were the pictures on the Web - to be viewed? Fun to see old faces, new faces. Your Thesis? Is decision making that complex, I know sound ones can be. This was a topic of work just last week! Guts are good - if they are right on
29 March 2001 management consultant Spain ... now working in a study of european electricity e-markets, and while searching for information I found your study of "online power trading". Using it I entered in the european sites that you mention, but the information provided is very general.
29 March 2001 - Kula, Maui, Hawaii cometosite: by referral country: United States dislikemost: None likecontents: very much likelayout: very much newupdates: yes partsofsite: The Music and Art pages
18 March 2001 technologist Virginia I have just spent some time on your website. You must spend alot of time on this.
9 March 2001 editor - Hello, I have read Anne Ku's article, "Electric Power Information Sources on the Web" and would like to inquire if it would be possible to contact Anne directly to ask if she would be interested in contributing to a future issue of our magazine.
6 March 2001 rider London Your site is also nice and rich in content. But you could do with some help from a bright Computer Science student.
5 Mar 2001 housewife Germany I stumbled across your variation of Fur Elise (I too don't quite know how to place the umlaut!) while I was searching for the sheet music for my 10 year old son. He, like you, has been fascinated with Beethoven and in particular Fur Elise. All I can do is hope that he enjoys his piano playing and possibly composing as much as you do. Just as a side note, this is one of your old high school friend from Kubasaki. Now that I've found your website, I'll tune my son in to your music. It's a great inspiration for him. Thanks for your dedication to the world of music.
3 Mar 2001 - US

We never "hung out" together or any thing like that but for whatever reason I do remember you a little. What I do remember about you is that you were very popular and very well liked. I don't remember if we had any classes together or not but I do remember we spoke a little and you were very nice to me, not many people were. Oh well life goes on. I don't know if I remember corectly or not but I think you played the Organ at the church I went to. One part of me says it was you but then again the other part of me says it was not you

27 Feb 2001 poet Texas Read the diary entry from your last night in Houston. This piece sounds more real than any others. I wonder why?
24 Feb 2001 software engineer northwest US .... once mentioned your web site a long while ago, but this is my first visit. I can't even remember exactly how I got here. I stumbled across your web site in a search engine. It's quite elaborate. I only had a fuzzy idea about what you did at Enron, but it seems that we are (or were) in a similar business. My company implements deregulated market systems (PJM, ERCOT, NEMMCO in Australia, New Zealand, etc.) -- but not California. I scanned your article on gaming generation.
23 Feb 2001 entrepreneur in high tech start-ups Toronto ComeToSite - by search engine LikeContents - very much LikeLayout - very much PartsofSite - Energy information section followed by the Quotes section
23 Feb 2001 professor Atlanta How are things going? I was in Singapore 3 weeks ago teaching and and remember you said you lived there for some time. Hope things are going ok.
9 Feb 2001 16 year old girl - I've been looking on the net for the Titanic (My Heart Will Go On)sheet music for days but haven't found it. Luckily, I came across your page. I really liked it. It's better than all the pages that I've gone through. I enjoyed it very much. I've learning how to play the piano for a year now, and I love playing it. I'm also learning how to play the myself. I'm planning on taking flute lessons in the future.
24 Jan 2001 yoga teacher Houston Anne, you have a wonderful site! lots of stuff you have many, many interests.
23 Jan 2001 healthcare consultant; mother of 2 boys Illinois ComeToSite - by search engine LikeContents - very much LikeLayout - very much PartsofSite - All of it! Anne, I always knew you'd do great things. I was in Chinese Club with you back at KHS. Hope all's been well for you through the years. I found your site by search engine while looking for a particular KHS messageboard. By the way, it was such a long time ago! I hope to have my PC's sound back this weekend so I can hear your music.
Andrew was once invited to a Sunday lunch by some friends at Church, niavely supposing the hostess had honourable and innocent intentions ... when there was in fact a sub plot. One of the guests happened to be a somewhat marriagable young (ish, Ok late Thirties) single lady belonging to the Gladstone family. After some gentle reminder phone calls, I was induced to ask said young lady out. I thought it would be impolite to refuse - and it all started there. Anyhow, 8 months later, we're getting married, and we intend to start a large family. And that's it. Or at least all I'm prepared to let on about.
18 Jan 2001 analyst Malaysia Just read the article on price volatility - very interesting. In Malaysia we are considering restructuring of the elec. industry and the elec market as well. Our growth rate is about 10-15 percent each year. I think the price volatility will be an issue here if capacity additions do not come online when they are needed. Do you know of any elec markets in a high growth country ? Most are in countries where growth is low. Thanks.
4 Jan 2001 doctoral student Germany With great interest I've visited your web-sites. I had been linked to it by a quite common search on real option topics, especially the techniques of influence diagrams. I'm writing my thesis in investment theory, the value of flexibility etc.. When will your planned book about decision making be finished? I'm looking forward reading it!

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