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Published in November 2003 by Riskbooks:

"Risk and flexibility in electricity: introduction to the fundamentals and techniques"
edited by Anne Ku

Hardcover, 241 pages, multi-contributor book
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Anne Ku, September 2003

Modelling Uncertainty in
Electricity Capacity Planning

by Anne Ku

Anne Ku, 1991 or 1993?

Thesis submitted to the University of London for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy

London Business School

February 1995

Chance favours the prepared mind.

- Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895)


The contents of this 472 page thesis can be downloaded freely as adobe acrobat files (please note file size). To read the files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf.gif (946 bytes)  which can be downloaded freely from

PhD = Piled higher and deeper?
a compilation of stories of doing a PhD by Anne Ku (Le Bon Journal volume 2, issue 6) - 2 page PDF

Table of Contents 62 kB The first 24 pages, including the abstract.
Chapter 1 34 kB Preface and Overview
Chapter 2 118 kB Introduction: Uncertainties in Power Generation
Part One Model Synthesis for Completeness
Chapter 3 147 kB Approaches to Capacity Planning
Chapter 4 108 kB The Pursuit of Model Synthesis
Appendix A 150 kB Pilot Study 1: A Comparison of the Economics of Nuclear, Coal, and Gas Power Plant Using Sensitivity Analysis and Risk Analysis
Appendix B 118 kB Stage One: Three Archetypal Approaches: Data Consolidation, Model Replication, and Evaluation
Appendix C 47 kB A Conceptualisation of Model Synthesis
Part Two Flexibility for Uncertainty
Chapter 5 38 kB Cross Disciplinary Review
Chapter 6 82 kB Conceptual Development
Chapter 7 152 kB Measuring Flexibility
Chapter 8 121 kB Modelling Flexibility
Appendix D 70 kB Flexibility and Robustness: Response to Demand Uncertainty by Over- and Under-Capacity

Chapter 9

55 kB Conclusions


62 kB References by Chapter  89 kB