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The Diary of Anne Ku


2 May 2000 written on 2 June 2000

I'm writing this entry a month later - just to fill the gap of 2nd May.  Ideally I'd like to keep this diary full and continuous - not to waste a single day.  But who is to say that I will?  What if I'm too busy?   What if I've got nothing to write?  What if I forgot?  What if I can't get access?  What if?  What if?

The desire to be complete originated a long time ago.   When I was studying for an exam, I would do everything I could to get the best grade.  For my calculus exam, not only did I work through all the problems in the textbook, I also went to the library to check out all the calculus books there.   Behold!  I worked through all the exercises there, too.  My attitude was this:  if you do your best and still fail - then it's not your fault.

My friend Gregorio is completely opposite of me in this sense.  All his life he tries to do as little as possible.  In fact, he does just the minimum not to fail.  If he fails, then he could always say,"Hey!   If I had tried harder, then I would have succeeded." 

So here I am, a month after I launched my cyberspace diary.  How I want to have a continous diary!  Every day is a different topic, a different story.  I write my thoughts, conversations, dreams, memories, complaints, observations, revelations, ideas, fears, doubts, nostalgia, etc.  Yet I notice that sometimes I have too much to write - for so many things could happen in a day.  Other times, I want to escape from cyberspace.  Shut that part of my life out.

Shall I do my best to make it complete?  Or shall I be like my friend and only write an entry - enough to keep it active?  Once a week?   Once a month?




I started this diary mainly as an excuse to write something about anything.  A kind of freedom in cyberspace.

I noticed there are other cyberdiaries, but I haven't been THAT curious to follow them.