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It may involve the hands and other body parts or zones, not just the feet.

Some reflex zones:

  • Metatarsal (balls of the feet)--Chest, lung and shoulder area
  • Toes--Head and Neck
  • Upper Arch--Diaphragm, upper abdominal organs
  • Lower Arch--Pelvic and lower abdominal organs
  • Heel--Pelvic and sciatic nerve
  • Outer Foot--Arm, shoulder, hip, leg, knee and lower back
  • Inner Foot--Spine
  • Ankle Area--Reproductive organs and pelvic regio

Heal thyself

or Heel thyself


Reflexology is NOT

foot massage





PUblished article by Anne Ku

Reflexology Sources on the Web (69th issue Freepint Newsletter)

17 August 2000


Believing that the provider of information must first be a user of information, Anne Ku has written numerous Internet articles on a variety of topics. Her current interest in alternative therapies began when she met her Swiss reflexologist, whose consultation culminated in research for this article.



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