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"I shall never rest from travel...."

These stories have not been published anywhere else.

Le Bon Journal, Vol. 2 Issue 10: Travel stories by independent traveller (2 page PDF),
a collection of travel stories written and edited by Anne Ku

Syon House

30 acres of gardens and 200 acres of parkland surrounding a 15th century manor house which looks like a castle from the outside..... home of Duke of Northumberland for over 400 years....

Cycling across London

One of the best ways to get around London is by bicycle. Let me rephrase it. Cycling is the BEST way to get around and across London.

Qi Gong master or con man?

After a long day of trekking the peaks of Huang Shan, my father and I rewarded ourselves with Chinese-style foot and leg massage. One of the two young male masseuses introduced the centre's Qi Gong(pronounced "chi gong") master to us. This lean young man of 32 tried to explain what it was and how he could discover and cure what's wrong with us.

Letter from Hong Kong

Foggy clouds cover Clear Water Bay this morning. From my flat on the university campus, the view goes only to the nearest of the outlying Islands, while those further away disappear into the mist.

Perfect vacation

Yes, I have to admit, this was the perfect vacation because I never expected it to be so good. But more importantly, I needed it badly.

London logs

The day Joie and I got here was the worst London had to offer - freezing, rainy, windy, and costly.

part 4

Cycling Van Gogh country

The ancient village inside seemed more like an interior designer's dream world. Every house had big windows you could see through.

Tales of travellers

On 17th February, I received several interesting stories of exotic places. They made my mind wander. I ached for that liberating feeling - to travel solo, independent, and off the beaten track.

Lamu, Kenya

Begin with a safari in the Maasai Mara in the off-peak season. End with a journey back in time.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Jugs of sangria and a feast for all the children.

Mykonos, Greece

The moon was full, and the night was young.


Living among locals

My first date in college and I once exchanged our views on the way we travel.

Bangkok, Thailand

His mother lived in a house without any walls.

Cartagena, Colombia

We played for five hours straight. Then they asked me to play in their music festival.

Zermatt, Switzerland

 A log cabin in the alps - skiing in June - chocolates and strawberries.


Travel plans

This has to be the best time of the year to go on holiday. The weather is unpredictable, so why stay in England? Bargains galore!

Bali, Indonesia

I dived into a freshwater pool and swam with the fish.

Maachu Picchu, Peru

High above the rest of the world, she felt the spirit of the Incas.


Paris, France

A blind date of champagne and oysters.

Cocktails at Paris Bourse

Bourses and bolsas. Stock exchanges. The Paris Bourse opened its grand gates and doors to the power industry.

Montreal, Canada

The great white north - to conquer my fear and dread of the cold.

Kerry, Ireland

An Irish breakfast with freshly squeezed cow's milk, bacon, and

the Keukenhoff, Netherlands

So many varieties of tulips!

Grand Hotel Duomo

The famous Duomo is the centre of Milan. It's a majestic cathedral that took ages to build.

Austin, Texas

The blue bonnets had all gone by then.

Maastricht, Holland

The town of Maastricht was put on the map after the treaty was signed for the European Union.

Winter sun for less

After a brief period of "Indian summer" during which the rain and the wind took a holiday, it has become noticeably colder.

July 4th by myself

There was a long queue at the airport. Most people were getting into taxi's by themselves.

Sounds of silence and sirens

Throughout the night, I heard either silence or sirens. It was not a typical weeknight in Manhattan.

Finding Aberdaron

We started our road trip without a map. We thought we'd just follow any road along the coast.

Leaving Houston

Ten days ago I arrived in Houston expecting that the highlight of my trip would be the visit of someone from San Antonio and another from Atlanta.

First day in Rhodes

Travelling only gets easier and easier the more one travels. Or rather, one takes it for granted that every destination has cash machines, accepts credit cards, and speaks English.

Spring in Oxford

I sat in my garden with just an orange bikini top, a yellow cotton sarong, a straw hat, and my Audrey Hepburn sunglasses.


Nudist colony

Outside of Amsterdam, in the little town of Ilp (I L P) is a thermal outdoor sauna that looks ordinary on the outside. It's actually exclusively Dutch and local.

Houston mosquitoes

The marginal cost of dining outside is being bitten by mosquitoes. Having lived in London for many years, my body was sweet and delicious to these little bugs.

Showing London

Most people who come to London for the first time don't need to plan where to go. There is too much to see and do.

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Walking in Bath

You appreciate different things at different stages in your life. Although I've been to Bath (pronounced B-ah-th) twice, I've never felt the urge to take anymore there for a visit. All I remembered was the Roman baths.

Conversation in Wells

"Is this where Prince of Wales comes from?" asked my mother. "No," I replied. "This is W-E-L-L-S not W-A-L-E-S."

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