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31 DECrisk management consultantLondonAfter having a look at your website, I am impressed.
21 DECpiano learnerMalaysia

I am using PC Windows 98 version 4.10.1988 at work. Interestingly, I discovered last night that I can view those same .pdf files from my PC (running Win95) at home with Acrobat Reader ver 3.01. (of course I copied the aloisen.ttf file into my PC). This morning, I tried to view those .pdf file from a Mac OS ver 9.0 using Acrobat 4.0 in my office, and it doesn't work either. Since I can view them perfectly at home, I think I will print them from home. The next thing I will try is to install Acrobat Reader ver3.01 into Win98 and see if it works. Will update you on that if I find something.

Since I am a beginner (piano), I am interested in trying out the Chinese Medley, English Christmas Carol Medley, First Noel variation and Bach Medley. Any piano tips and advice are greatly appreciated.

21 DECconsultantVirginiaBack at my hotel I checked out your website. Great Enron piece; I read it backwards. I popped around the site, reading a few diary entries, articles, etc. Again, the word is intriguing and I'll get back to it over the holiday. In reply to your The Gladiator review: its a great first half, but then degrades in the 2nd half into a costume drama a la an early 60's.
20 DECmale adult piano learner - just started half a year agoMalaysiaI bumped into your website by accident while surfing for free music sheets. I like your music composition so much. Thanks for sharing. I had downloaded the .ttf font as instructed, but still my Adobe reader both ver 4 and 5.0 does not display the score correctly. Appreciate if you could help. PS. I was working in Brunei from 79 till 83. A nice place indeed. Hope to be back there to look for long lost friends some day.
18 DECbook promoterUSAWhat are the chances of your reviewing Rob Frankel's "The Revenge of Brand X: How to Build a Big Time Brand™ on the Web or Anywhere Else (ISBN 0967991218)? It's really doing well and selling exclusively online.
18 DECentrepreneurHoustonReally enjoyed your commentary on Enron
17 DECflute playerUSAThanks SO much for the flute music to the Titanic song. I just spent three and a half hours on the computer trying to find it, and yours is the only one I found to have it! thank you so much!
17 DECwriterLondonThe concert was lovely, I so enjoyed it and could tell that a lot of thought and rehearsal had been put into it. It was a first to be in the same room as a bassoon! What a mellow sound it makes. Thanks to you and Robert for the inspiration behind it.
15 DECstill employedHouston

Good work. There is sure to be a book or two written about Endron.

Reaction: Evil Empire Strikes Back

14 DECcomputer programmerLondonI had a read of your journal, particularly the events around 11 September - it must have been nightmarish to actually be in Manhattan at the time.
12 DECacademicTexasI checked out you www site and found the piece about working interesting. I forget exactly were I found it but something about working in Houston and "knowing a guy who asked to be transferred groups and found out he was getting fired".
9 DECThe Hungry PoetKathmandu, NepalThank you, Anne, for a very down to earth and captivating rendition of job market horrors - they surely come in strange shapes and forms.
8 DECstill employedHoustonKeep them coming.
8 DECretired lecturerTaiwanBravo! You have just written your best Bon Journal--the nine parts of your treasured experience for job markets, novices could learn more from it. Actually, your journal offers part of in-depth knowledge of why the company fell. How many more parts to come? Good work, Anne!
4 DECpianistAmsterdamI enjoyed 'Making Magic' on your website.
4 DECThe Hungry PoetNepal

Talking about companies crashing, it's becoming very clear that on one extreme companies totally without own truly strategic assets could eventually crash no matter how much market leadership, or at least not stay at the top for very long. In this context, Yahoo and Amazon, watch out!

On the other extreme, companies building up too much non-strategic assets and tying down working capital, if not tightly managed and highly cost-efficient, will likewise collapse if it becomes complacent about its market leadership. IBM nearly collapsed in the early 1990's as one classic example. Well, Microsoft, watch out! Even the Titanic sank. IBM was invincible, and became even more so in the early 1980s after it took leadership in Personal Computers. So, is Microsoft invincible ? I wonder.

If you are wondering about the future of what you're doing and the security of your current job, perhaps examining your employer's asset base is a good place to start. Is it an intermediary or service provider type of company (Yahoo, Amazon, publishing, and power brokers) ? Is its asset largely strategic in nature (brands, R&D, processes, know-how) or basically operational assets (equipment, infrastructures) ?

3 DECmale-I'm looking for a way to put a colour picker in my web site so that the user can choose a certain colour which then gets displayed in a given graphic. Can you help? Respond to Sam Burt
1 DECHungry PoetMalaysiaWhat you wrote about betrayal and regrets sometime back seemed a little intriguing at first, but you had the privilege of early warning. I must point out that companies don't betray their employees and shareholders, officers do. Large corporations don't crumble at such great speeds just because of bad decisions or incompetence, it's because people betray people at unprecedented scales. Mankind never learns, and there are many ancient Chinese sayings that remind us of this: "He who has more virtues than talents is a superior man; he who has more talents than virtues is an inferior man."
1 DECKubasaki graduate, class of 1987USAI recently discovered your site. What a terrific job you have done!!! I'm impressed with how well it is laid out especially in light of the fact that you seem to be so busy--I'm not sure how you are able to devote as much time to this site as it looks like you must. I wanted to try to contact you because I found a very interesting picture on your page with photos of teachers. I would like to try to get in touch with Miss Nelson. I was wondering if you had her e-mail address or if you would mind forwarding mine to her. Thanks in advance. Again, GREAT site! :)
1 DECHungry PoetMalaysia

Are you referring to the story "Ching Ching Chinaman" written by Wilbur Daniel Steele in 1917 ? This version was made into a silent motion movie in February 1923 retitled "Shaows" produced by B.P. Schulberg and Preferred Picture Studio, starring Lon Chaney as the chinaman Yen Sin. For the song lyrics in the movie which was written by Eve Unsell, please check out UCLA Digital Library and a review of the silent movie "Shadows".

29 Novuniversity studentLondonI have gotten a fair amount of advice from you indirectly in the form of the musings on your website, which has proven quite valuable. If you ever get tired of your current job, you could have a bright future writing travel guides!
28 NovFarrahUSAI represent an Internet job search database called +Jobs America, and was wondering if you would consider providing a link to our site on your own website. +Jobs America is a countrywide job search database with a firm commitment to helping American companies find the qualified employees they seek to fill their available positions, and we believe that a link on your site would greatly help us to reach those very employees.
28 NovJulieUSAHey, I'm doing this history report on last years election. I wanted to know if maybe you have any more inside comments or statements that you could place out there to help me. Your contradictions on your page that I read, was filled with what seemed one sided views, which is fine considering opinions are opinions. But I need some more information. If you could help me in any way, please reply with an e-mail. Thank you for displaying your political views.
27 NovfemaleUSA

I'm actually looking for a poem written in the depression era.
It starts with:

Ching Ching Chinaman with a mustache
Came over to Frisco just after the crash
Knocked on the Big Gate - - bang,bang,bang!
Said "please open to poor Foo Wang."

Big Gate opened, Foo Wang went in.
Walked around the city, fell into sin
Big fat policeman put Wang in jail-
Wang's low cry turned into a wail.

My grandmother wanted to find out the rest of it and who the author was.
Do you have any idea where I could find this information?
A response would be appreciated. Thank You.
Sarah Salow

27 NovfemaleFranceThanks a lot for providing the scores and sound of your arrangements. I was looking for a nice Xmas music and got all I needed in your "The first Noel" file. That helps tremendously.
22 NovFrench horn playerPennsylvaniaHi, I love your site and have recommended it to several friends. I am looking for free, pdf downloadable sheet music to play on my French horn or piano. The songs I am looking to play are "I wonder as I wander" and "All I want for Christmas". Can you please tell me where I might be able to find these on the web and download to adobe? Thank you so much for any help.
20 Nov16 year old flautistMontreal, Canada

I have just listen to your piece and this is love and well I think it's beautiful. I play the flute and my friend plays the piano and we were wondering if you would mind if we played your song at a school show. We will not play it until you say it's ok! So please say it's OK ! We are going to play your song and a show at the school, where all(basically) finishing students show their talents. We wanted a piece that people could relate to.

About your site, I love it ! You are so very talented ! The only problem is that some of the scores don't work, which is a pity cause I like looking at what is being played but apart from that the backgrounds are simple but nice and the info is easy to find ! Keep up the great work!

20 Nov12 year old flautistNorth CarolinaTHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS MUSIC. I am a 12 year old flute player at Henderson Middle School N.C. THANK YOU!!!!!!! P.S. YOUR SITE IS GREAT!
20 NovconsultantKolkata, IndiaRecently, I have had the privilege of going through your article "Risk Management - Coping with volatility" and found it very stimulating. I would therefore request you to kindly let us have your valued inputs in respect of the above in terms of articles, links, URLs, training programmes (especially in India, if possible) to enable us to develop our capabilities in this field. It would be particularly helpful if you could prescribe a road map which could be followed in our quest towards developing the necessary skills and perceptions. We eagerly look forward to your considered opinion and invaluable guidance in the matter. A line in reply, acknowledging receipt of this mail would be highly appreciated as it would give us the comfort feeling that we have been able to establish contact with you.
16 Novengineer/consultantLincolnshire, UKI read your article on 'Volunteering to fight global warming'. It is a very good article - it now begs a follow-up since there has been agreement on implementing the Kyoto protocol. I look forward to reading it !
16 Novmaleeast coast USAI sculpt. If you are interested in representing new artist, please look at the attached pictures of my latest work, and take the link to see some pieces online.
4 NovmaleUSAI'm looking for your sister. I remember her from her glory days in Taipei as a cartoonist. Could you pass on my e-mail address to her? Looking for her desperately,
2 Novrocket scientistSan Diego, CaI have gone to your site, but seem to lack the extension required to listen to the (happy birthday) tune. (Two days ago I got a new machine and have not loaded up everything yet.)
2 Novthe hungry poetKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaThe perennial Wild Blackberries in waiting must be careful that low-hanging damsels in distress don't cream off the pick of the crop while Sleeping Beauties with eyes wide shut and Rapunzels live in ivory towers, lest they wish to end up romancing spiders and bugs amid the thorns; where only insects dare venture!
More on decision making methods, feedback from visitors/readers on decision analysis
2 Novenergy professionalHoustonYour house is so cute! It's so colorful and happy. It reminds me of a show on Home Garden Television called "Shabby Chic." Mine is totally the opposite.
2 Novfreepint readerEnglandReaction to climate change article:
The page at not only lists all the UK's newspapers publishing online (with links) and a variety of other UK news and magazine sites including The Ecologist and Environment Daily, but also (foot of page) offers five 'ready to use' news story search boxes, one of which is an 8-source metasearcher.
19 Oct--Dear Anne to your question: Does anyone know the hex equivalent for "aliceblue"? There is no undisputed answer, so far the closest seems to be: #F0F8FF Others are: #A0CE00, #EFF7FF.
Follow the discussion at and check out
11 Octthe hungry poetKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Something you said about Fear of Flying made me think about my own situation, and my own fears. I have spent 14 years of my professional life living out of suitcases and sleeping inside aircraft and hotel rooms more than my own. These past 15 months my new job has confined me to the same office day in day out and I was really dreading it, hating the immobility and the monotony of environment, so boring, so alone, and a little regretful of the change...desperately wanting to "hit the road" again. Just a month ago, I seriously contemplated going back to my old job as a travelling consultant, globe trotting again.

My life changed after Black Tuesday. Since then, everytime I reminisce my stint in NYC, the times spent idling under the shadow of the WTC in awe of its grandeur, and the many doughnuts enjoyed in its basement...yikes! the thoughts invariably evaporated with a shudder down my spine, and a realization of the vulnerability of my mortality.

I'm suddenly relieved and thankful for my newfound "confinement", I think I'll hang on to my office job for now. Oh, I don't work in the Petronas Twin Tower either. I work in a 4-storey building far from the maddening crowd surrounded by the greenery that the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur is famed for. That suits me fine now.

Thank God I'm safe and sound. Thank God for you too. Always take care, Anne, and thanks for your marvellous website.

9 Octlecturer and mother of twoBandung, IndonesiaNext year I propose to my institute to pursue my doctorate program. My interest is in the area of strategic decisions, strategic choice and/or flexibility. I was teaching Operations Research. I would like to know resources that can support my plan. Would you mind telling me, where can I find those resources. I do hope you have no objection. Thank you very much.
26 SeptconsultantNottingham, EnglandI was just looking at your web site (haven't seen it for a while). We're down in London this Weekend and a fortnight later. The intermediate weekend we're having housewarming (you'd be so...... welcome to come and play the piano, or not play the piano, as you wish).
19 SeptmaleNetherlandsFinally got the chance to read all of your journal entries I've been missing. But with the knowledge that, given the terrible drama in America, it is all old news. Indeed a new age has arrived. And the old times are suddenly over.
18 SeptfemaleSan Antonio, TexasHello Anne! Haven't head from you in a while and just wanted to see how you are Mama sure was worried about you during all that went on in NY, I bet that shook you up. Please feel free to send a little messege and let me know you're well!
17 SeptteacherCaliforniaMs Nelson gave me your website address and I have enjoyed it very much--especially the pictures of your family. I don't know if you remember me, but I was your brother's first grade teacher. I would love to know how your mother, father, and brother are all doing. I am now retired and living in California.
10 SeptmaleMaui, HawaiiI love your web site! All the great color choices, careful thought you have put into your sites easy navagation and all the wonderful information you provide for so many people. I have wanted to build a site of my own, and wanted to know what program you used to build this site? You must get a ton of requests and e-mail, so I will keep this short and just wanted to let you know once again, you've done a wonderful job and give yourself a pat on the back.
analyticalQ: Lately I've been handcoding HTML in Notepad. Previously I was using Dreamweaver
6 Sept-PhilippinesHello! I was wondering if you could have a copy of E.B. White's essay to New York available for reading or downloading. You see, I am from the Philippines and I do not know where else to get a copy.
2 Septthe hungry poetKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaI read with interest your journal entry "Freebies with a price" - just wanted to comment that everyday lucky people like us get to face the challenges of spending time to save money or spending money to save time. The unlucky people who don't have to work for a living, well, they get spend time to waste money, or spend money to waste time. Cheers!
24 AugprogrammerSeattleCan I purchase rights to distribute your music fonts in an application I am developing? How much would it be to have unlimited rights?
23 AugmusicianNetherlandsI really liked your 22 Aug. entry. Will I be a prince? Fighting difficulty to reach the ripe fruit?
23 AugChinese femaleJakarta, IndonesiaI have visited your site, it's so amazing but unfortunately, Ihaven't a site yet, maybe next time. I know your site from surfing the site and now, I need help. My friend in US needs any information and pictures about Indonesian riots on May,1998. I am too busy to look for all the information about that. Would you mind helping me ?? Perhaps, you have some site addresses or informations or pics about that riot, please send them to my email.
18 Augthe hungry poet-Just to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your pages on Pwllheli and the concert. You, your talents, intellect, and inexhaustible energy, truly a gift to humanity, and God's creation at its finest..
(Should I say "at" or "in" or "on" ?).
Thank God for you, and thank you for yours.
18 AugGerman economics professorHong KongI visited you website again. Seems you had a nice holiday, ... there just shouldn't be another dominating person anywhere nearby :-) Who is that good looking woman that shows up on those holiday pictures?
18 AugChinese post-gradLondonI will visit your website. By the way, your are the first LBS alumna who has a personal homepage.
16 Augemployee at Tokyo ElectricTokyo, Japan

I visited your website using Google search engine and the key words were NETA , UKPX and power. Then I deeply intersted in the "Table 2 Online wholesale power exchanges and platforms by Anne Ku" I just started to study power exchanges and first met that table which described features among many online power exchanges comprehensively. It was so nice that I could understand differences and similarities among thoes marketplaces at a time. Now I really thought it would be more useful if there had been a classification column from the view of company style like public or private or launched. Could you please teach me about it? (I want to know the financial statements of those exchanges but I couldn't find out good information from visiting each websites... )

analyticalQ: "My response email to you got bounced back. Try calling these companies to find out more. Web sites don't give everything away."
15 AugcomposerLithuaniaI just found your wonderful resource. Are you interesting to exchange links with my site? Can I send you my URL and other information? (I do not want to spam you, that's why asking first). I know about you from a link from Local Music Directory.
13 Augformer head energy traderHoustonVery impressive. In a former life, 'many moon ago' I played some concert piano and I continue to be a huge fan. It would be neat to hear you play some time.
8 Augproduct manager, supply chain software firmUS

Really enjoyed exploring your website. Where can I get your book "Making Personal Decisions"?

I came across your site via a query result on google. I was looking for information on capacity, flexibility and real options. Especially the trade off between capacity and flexibility (are they similar or different?). I am interested in the book because I think personal decision making is very important but most people don't have a formal approach to it. I think that decision sciences can offer the layman some practical information for personal use. I am looking forward to your book for this.

5 Augfemale-I was listening to St. Valentine's while looking at the music and I think it's a really great piece. I was saving the sheet music pages to print them out so I could learn the song, and I noticed that you only have the first 2 pages up. I was watching the notes and the second page ended, but the music kept going. This is a piece I would love to learn in it's entirety, so I was wondering if you could send me the 3rd page. I know it's a song that means a lot to you because of your friend Hiroko, but I would really like to play it.
1 Augmarketing director, online shopping mall UKWe are interested in swapping reciprocal links with your company. If you search for keywords such as "presents" on AltaVista we come up as No 5. Or alternatively could we be listed in your directory.
27 JulyAustralian IT guyOxford, EnglandYour web site is fantastic. You have obviously spent a lot of time and provided a lot of thought in its creation. Very interesting and entertaining. You are a well studied and travelled person Anne Ku.
23 July 2001conference organiserLondonOur organisation, the Risk Waters Group, already has a link on your site. However, we have an event coming up which I believe may be of especial interest to your users. It's an energy event taking place in Amsterdam on 6 & 7 September. I was wondering if there's any way of getting an enhanced link up, perhaps if we could have the logo for the event linking directly through to the event site? Please let me know if this would be possible.
12 July 2001--I have recently discovered your Variations of Beethoven's Fur Elise on the internet and whenever I attempt to download the sheet music for the piece my computer can not do it. Would you please email me the music for the piece?
10 July 2001management consultantNew YorkWould you be able to send me an electronic copy of the risk management article you wrote a while back, which featured a table of all the instruments and their uses? I thought it was quite good.
9 July 2001e-commerce expertNew JerseyI did a search the other day on Google - don't remember for what term - and came up as the top match! I looked at your journal -- you started writing topics every day again, after a brief hiatus. Somehow I like your more recent entries better than the older ones. Maybe you are no longer forcing yourself to fill the day's allotment, and just writing from the heart...?
9 July 2001industrial engineering studentSpainI am doing my final project degree about how real options can be use to evaluate flexible manufacturing systems. I would be very grateful if you could send me any example (numerical example) about this particular topic, because unfortunately I canīt find any.

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