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Round the World in 4 Months
  • started in Montreal, Canada
  • flew across the US
  • saw the movie Top Gun in Seattle, WA
  • flew to Okinawa and Taiwan
  • transit in Bangkok
  • began my European Backpacking on Eurail pass in Athens
  • ferried over to Mykonos, Naxos, and Paxos
  • took the train from Athens to Kalamata
  • slept on the beach in Corfu
  • took the boat to Brindisi, Italy
  • took the train to Florence and Venice
  • slept on the train to Switzerland, woke up in Zurich
  • then Basel, Zermatt, and Lausanne
  • TGV to Paris
  • flew to London
  • studied at Oxford for the summer
  • flew to Boston
  • ended in Durham, NC
Round the World in 5 Months
  • started in Durham, NC
  • drove an old Dodge 2-door to Virginia Beach,
  • Washington DC
  • Ithaca and Albany New York
  • flew to Montreal, and then Denver, Colorado
  • rented a car - visited the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite, and Palo Alto, Ca
  • flew to Tokyo, Okinawa, Taiwan,  Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur
  • took the coach to Penang, then Kota Bharu, then Singapore
  • ended in London

The coolest time site - showing the clock on your PC

Round the World in 1 Week
  • started in London
  • flew to Singapore
  • then flew via Taipei to San Francisco
  • ended in Houston

World Time

When I was travelling around the world and working in three time zones, I needed desperately to know immediately what time it was elsewhere.  Cumulative jet lag made it even more difficult.  As soon as I returned from this round-the-world in 90 days, I surfed the Net looking for tools to help me on my next journey.


Round the World in 90 Days
  • started in London
  • flew to Seattle for a wedding
  • flew to DC
  • AMTRAK to New York
  • Delta shuttle back to DC
  • flew to Houston (via Chicago)
  • flew to LA for dinner in Santa Monica
  • flew to San Francisco to play piano for a wedding in Palo Alto
  • overnight in Honolulu for a high school reunion
  • flew to Maui and composed "Full Moon on Maui"
  • flew to Tokyo - karaoke and shabu shabu
  • to Hong Kong - roast goose
  • to Okinawa - reunion with high school teachers and neighbours
  • to Taiwan
  • to Singapore
  • to Thailand
  • ended in London
International Dialing Codes
Calling from one country to another
US dialing codes
UK postal codes, stamp prices
What else is useful? US postal codes? Internet domain name suffix?
The Calendar Generator

Enter year:


Pretty nifty!
Shows the different cycles of the moon
and a separate public holidays table.

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