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Every year I ask myself if I'm doing what I want to do, being what I want to be.  I take numerous career assessments, psychology tests, and read various self-help books on career development.  I read somewhere that a person on average changes career five times during  his/her lifetime.  One management professor once said that you can change the industry and the function but not at the same time.   In the US, my ex-colleagues job-hop as a way to increase their pay.  The whole world of work is changing, towards more flexibility.

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Labour, if it were not necessary for the existence, would be indispensable for the happiness of man. Samuel Johnson
All work and no play makes analyticalQ a dull site.
Work is the curse of the drinking classes.
Work like you don't need the money. Anonymous
October 1987 from management consultant to July 2000 energy magazine editor June 2002 who is Anne Ku?


Kubasaki High School
a US Department of Defense Dependent school in sub-tropical Okinawa, Japan; an American style education means lots of extra-curricular activities after school and culture trips in the summer. Class of 82 list.
Duke University
a private university in Durham, North Carolina known for its wealthy founders, cut-throat Duke medical school, thousands of acres of forest, the lovely Sarah P Duke gardens, the Blue Devil basketball team, and lots of grand pianos everywhere.   Some older buildings are made from limestone, to look old and wise.
Cornell University
a private university in Ithaca, New York, surrounded by gorges (waterfalls), known for its school of hospitality management and hence wonderful food
McGill University
an English-speaking university in French-speaking Montreal, cosmopolitan, good introduction to Europe for those in North America
Oxford University
along with Cambridge, one of the oldest universities in England; famous for New College choir, graduating famous people; the buildings and walls are yellow and brown from age - not painted to look old.
London School of Economics
part of the University of London, set in Holborn, next to the Lincoln's Inn (law courts), famous for its radical politically-vocal students in the sixties, as well as many post-graduate programmes in law, accounting, operations research, statistics, and computer science
London Business School
part of the University of London, facing the circular Regent's Park, near Sherlock Holmes' Baker Street and Madame Tussaud's; run like a business with profit centres and transfer pricing, etc. Students nowadays are treated like customers.  One perk of being a student, staff, faculty, or alumni is access to the swimming pool and other health club-like facilities.


Booz Allen Hamilton
a management consulting firm operating all over the world
Union Bank of Switzerland
once the largest Swiss bank, triple-A rating
Enron Capital Trade & Resources
an energy company that "was" run like an investment bank
London Financial Studies
financial derivatives training and consulting
energy news and data provider, a McGraw-Hill company


International Association for Energy Economics publishes The Energy Journal and holds a national (US) and an international (non-US) conference held each year.
previously TIMS and ORSA:  Operations Research and Management Science. Has a good job announcements section. Publications include Interfaces.   Two national (US) conferences and one international (non-US) conference held each year.
professional speaking.  Find a chapter near you! Sample Speech


sighreading, accompanying, arranging, composing, organising concerts
cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates, aerobics, dancing
"to go to every single country once before I die"
if music is the food of love, where can I take gourmet cooking classes?
from intranets to websites, building and maintaining - website is like an artist's sketchpad, a journalist's notepad, a scientist's laboratory, ...and even teaching psychology of multimedia!
Freepint article 19 September 2002:
On resignation and redundancy: understanding your legal rights
by Anne Ku
Le Bon Journal Newsletter, Volume 1 Issue 1: Work like you don't need the money

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