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Jonbenet Ramsey
There was never a book about Patty like there was one about Jonbenet Ramsey who also disappeared that day.
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Patty Brightwell Vaughan

Patricia Inez Brightwell

also known as Patty Wallace, Patty Brightwell, Patty Vaughan

17 August 1964: born as Patty Inez Brightwell

June 1982: graduated from Kubasaki High School, Okinawa

18 May 1985: married Jerry Ray Vaughan (known as JR) in San Antonio, Texas

May 1986: moved to Portland, Maine area

20 August 1987: gave birth to daughter Brittany

8 September 1988: gave birth to son Ray

Jan 1989: moved to Athens, Georgia

June 1989: moved to Stafford, Virginia

29 August 1990: gave birth to son Tyler

Dec 1990: moved to and stayed in Adkins, Texas (Wilson County)

October 1996: began six month trial separation. Husband moved to an apartment in San Antonio. Patty stayed in the house with their three children.

Last seen by her husband in her home night of 25 Dec 1996

26 Dec 1996: Patty's cousin filed missing person report with Bexar County Sheriff's Office

27 Dec 1996: Patty's relatives notified Bexar County Sheriff's Office that her van had been found by the side of the road at Loop 1604 and FM 1937. Blood found under rear seat of van.

28 Dec 1996: First search. 1)Pond at 1406 Rockport Road. 2)Near FM 1303 and Loop 1604 where San Antonio River passes. 3)Near Calaveras Bridge on Loop 1604.

28 Dec 1996: Bexar County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous call indicating that the caller's friend who had been traveling down Loop 1604 on December 25, 1996 had seen a blue van on the same road pull over.

29 Dec 1996: Bexar County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division and other evidence technicians investigated Patty's residence. Using the chemical substance Luminol to find reaction with items contained in blood, the officers found very strong reactions in the bath area, wall adjacent to bedroom door, and bedroom floor. When the officers turned off the light, they observed what appeared to be shoe prints on the bathroom floor, leading to the closet. There were also various streak or swab-type markings on the bedroom floor, adjacent to the bathroom floor and leading into the bath and closet area.


The blood found in the van and in the house was DNA tested and confirmed to belong to Patty.


The case is still open. Mystery is still unsolved.

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