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The European version: Kenron
"I've been laydoff" - T-shirts and more
1400 Smith Street
ENRONX: Discover the power of why not but you need Internet Explorer 5+ & Windows Media Player 6+ to view this page
The Crooked E
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News and articles
Houston Chronicle section in particular, the letters
Platts features
Scientech and more!
Satire Wire
Business Week - use search
The New York Times - use search
Bloomberg - search by stock symbol
Business Wire - use search
Enron Primer by New York Times
Rebecca Mark vs Jeff Skilling, the rivalry Newsweek
The IT chaos at Enron
CIO magazine
Opinion & short stories
at analyticalQ
Ex-colleagues at ex-company
The world as we know it
Rapid downward spiral
14-part story
Evil empire strikes back
Who got paid bonuses
Earlier bonuses, NY Times reveals the greed for bonuses jacked up stock prices
Utilities vaccine against Enronitis - unpublished (Mar 2002)
Enron: the end of endless possibilities (Le Bon Journal, Volume 1 Issue 9) 18 November 2002
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Endron - in India
Payments to insiders
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Enron parodies and songs
Parodies and other songs
Calling Enron
Enron satire, jokes, cartoons, etc
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Parodies of Enron logos