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Date: Sat, 6 May 2000 12:41:03 +0100

Perso Flamenco & Classic

Category - Music

Description - Flamenco & Classical scores / Mp3 for guitar

Keywords - Flamenco, mp3, score, guitar, scores, guitar scores, classical scores, flamenco scores, flamenco score, flamenco guitar, classic guitar, transcription, classical score, guitarra, classic, Paco de Lucia, Sabicas, Albeniz, Juan Serrano, Pepe Habichuela, Federico Garcia Lorca, Vicente Amigo, buleria, solea, taranta, granados, Bach, Manuel de Falla, enrique de Melchor

Location - In FRANCE

Background - interests

WhyLink - It'a portal site

Email - a.reny@online.f

Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 15:01:51 GMT

Classical sheet music downloads

Category: Music

Description - Download classical sheet music for different abilities and instruments. Listen and see the music in Midi and graphic or Scorch format. Free site

Keywords - classical,sheet,music

Location - At home in front of my computer!

Background - Music

WhyLink - It would be a useful resource for your visitors

Email -

Free Sheet Music

mfiles - free music files

Classical and original music can be downloaded in MIDI or MP3 formats. GIF Sheetmusic available for printing, or play the sheet music online using Sibelius Scorch. Sections of Film Music and Gustav Mahler.

Keywords - sheet music, MIDI, MP3, Sibelius Scorch, free music files, Gustav Mahler, Film Music

Location - Scotland, UK

Background - IT professional, music being a hobby.

WhyLink - I hope it would be of interest to your visitors looking for music links. I can create a reciprocal link.

Email - 18 Sept 2000

Guitar Music

Jubing's Free Classical Guitar Music

Free original classical guitar compositions and transcriptions from Indonesian guitarist, including MIDI for each music score.

Keywords - Free classical guitar compositions and transcriptions

Location - Jakarta, Indonesia

Background: journalist, guitarist/composer/arranger

Email -   11 June 2000

19/9/2000 NEW additions:

transcription of Anne Ku's Summer Solstice for classical guitar !

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 02:19:49 +0100

Classical Works of Bach

Category: Music

Description - Contains a virtual compendium of the synthesized works of the Bachs. Some are quite listenable midi files. Download quickly and play easily. You can save your favorites.

Keywords - Don't use them.

Location - St. Louis

Background - Teacher (American Literature and composition) and Photographer

WhyLink - As an interesting and enjoyable resource

Email -

Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 16:57:02 +0100

Classical Enthusiast

Category: Art , Music

Description - resourceful site with a music quiz, links, name that tune, and more stuff coming in everyday

Keywords - music, classical, win, quiz, contest, poll, tune, timeline

Location - home

Background - classical music, high school student

WhyLink - you will be the judge of that

Email -

Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2000 01:41:17 GMT

Nissimo - Free sheet music

Category: Music

Description - High quality classical sheet music. This site is not an index. The scores are plotted by Nissimos own staff who are musicians. Pdf format. 100% free.

Keywords - Free sheet music, Free scores, Pdf, Download, Print, Absolutely free, Classical music, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi

Location - Norway Background - Lawyer. My wife is a pro sax player.

WhyLink - Because the scores are of high quality and 100% free, and the fact that we have edited the music ourself and thereby contibuted to the distribution of free scores.

Email -

Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 22:36:05 +0100

Free Scores on the Web

Category: Music, Writing

Description - Free Scores for : piano, saxophone, guitar, violin, accordion, orchestra, choral.

Keywords - piano, saxophone, guitar, violin, accordion, orchestra, choral, scores, free, sheet, music, classical, flamenco, mp3, partition

Location - in strasbourg

Background - diut info-communication

WhyLink - free scores, and your site will be add next on : piano, choral, guitar section (the guitar section is an another site

Email -


description: Political karaoke: Over 700 political song parodies
blasting the Republican right wing, including: George W. Bush (His
Fraudulency), Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris, John Ashcroft, Rush Limbaugh,
Dr. Laura, Newt Gingrich, Ken Starr, Henry Hyde, Dan Quayle, and many
others. Most of these songs have MIDI musical accompaniment for singing

humour: yes

keywords: political parody, song parody, political satire, political
karaoke, MIDI, George W. Bush, Dubya, Smirk, Poppy Bush, Jeb Bush,
Katherine Harris, John Ashcroft, Dr. Laura, Newt Gingrich, Dan Quayle,
Ken Starr, Henry Hyde, Jeffords, anti-Republican

location: U.S.A.

music: yes

owner: yes

sitename: The Boot Newt Sing Along Page


whylink: This is perhaps the world's largest collection of
anti-Republican and anti-Bush political song parodies.

music: yes

category: music

description: Contemporary classical composer with music sheet to buy,
free chamber and vocal mp3's, order score of string quartet, obtain
clarinet sonata, read composer's biography

keywords: contemporary classical composer,modern composer,classical
composer,buy sheet music,classical mp3,contemporary sheet
music,classical sheet music,classical music composer,free classical
mp3,clarinet music sheet,classical music mp3,mp3 classical,mp3 classical
music,order sheet music,vocal sheet music,composer and arranger,composer

location: Lithuania

music: yes

owner: yes

sitename: Contemporary classical composer with music sheet to buy, free
chamber, clarinet and vocal mp3's, order, score, string


whylink: Hmm... Because there you can find some interesting music for