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28 Feb 2002: My first CD sale

Easter concert in Holland

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Music by Anne Ku
First Album: piano solos on 80 minute CD
Recorded on Gerhard Adam grand piano, February 2001, London, England.
Released March 2002, Bussum, Netherlands.

There's a personal story behind every piece. Please click on the title for the story.

 1. St Valentine's dedicated to Hiroko Fowler
 2. Slagelse Lied inspired by a Danish winter
 3. Year of the Tiger dedicated to the marriage of Jackie and Jason
 4. Full Moon on Maui MP3
 5. February Sun
 6. Three Years On
 7. Making Magic inspired by Vikram's Seth novel "An Equal Music"
 8. Pentamine MP3
 9. Summer Solstice at Sunset
10. Winter in July in London
11. At Arundel inspired by the Arthurian wedding of Elena and Chris
12. Mister Tidworth for my ginger tom cat
13. Skeletons in the Closet
14. One Enlightened Conversation
15. Drunken Stupor
16. Just One Glimpse
17. The Wrong Honesty
18. Advice to Yourself
19. And This Is Love
20. Love and Life
21. Reunite Wine
22. Wanderlust
23. The Half Moon Song
24. Barimar
25. Hungry for Music
26. Plant That Never Dies
27. Ides of March
28. There's a Winter
29. Birthday Variations
30. Variation on Beethoven's Fur Elise

31. Anne's Voice Over February Sun
32. Patty My Friend
33. Disappeared from Earth
34. Grandma's Love
35. Watching Together
36. She Walked Above Hearsay
37. Of the Class 82