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Theme from Titanic

arranged by Anne Ku

I taught my friends' son Jason to play the first part of James Horner's Theme from Titanic in B flat major - the key he was most familiar with.   It soon dawned on me that his brother Alex could play the piano part in a duet.  

So I set upon arranging a flute and piano duet for them.  The following is a first pass.  An easier way to accompany the flute - on any instrument - would be to play the chords.  Perhaps they would like to work out the chords themselves as an exercise.

June 1999

Note @ 24 February 2009

Watch the second piece of this video (about 50 seconds into it) and you will hear a beautiful interpretation of the Titanic on the Celtic harp, by the London harpist Peter Murphy.


Obviously another fan of the Titanic or the harpist:

gif.gif (940 bytes) Flute part
gif.gif (940 bytes) Flute / piano duet - page 1
gif.gif (940 bytes) Flute / piano duet - page 2
gif.gif (940 bytes) Flute / piano duet - page 3