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28 Feb 2003

Instead of my writing anymore on spam how about you writing something referring to some of the best known anti spam websites ?

There is already an abundance of excellent resources from non-profit organizations and privacy advocates and researchers. I have selected only those few I think contain the best information and easy-to-follow articles especially for novices and non-technical readers. and their many links especially in this page (you must click "refresh" sometimes)
All the above have links to several more helpful resources.

For the slightly technical minded:
Check out Paul Graham's credentials: He has pioneered intelligent spam filtering algorithms.

Use this more specific link for "" instead:
Also, more good ones:

Somewhere in all these websites they link to each other. I think that's all there is, anymore is just a duplication of the same.

analyticalQ reply: Where there's time, there's an article. Thanks for your contribution.
27 Feb 2003
Hello, I'm working on a thesis for my studies I was very much interested in your article on wholesale electricity price forecasting. I will like to contact you and may ask some more questions. Could you send me your telephone number? Thanks a lot in advance
27 Feb 2003Your site keeps improving, good work! Personally I don't like the font. It looks a little bit too playful - not too serious to me. Good to hear you're having your days filled with nice events.
26 Feb 2003

Has it really been that long since you last heard from me? Funny because I visit your site so often it feels like I hear from you all the time. Yes, I have been a faithful follower of Bon Journal from the beginning. To be honest, I am not sure why. I guess that maybe because we are creatures of habit. I have a few journals I check in with on a regular basis. Then I read about these people and what is going on in their life and I find myself checking back over and over again. I have checked in with all of them at sometime or another. I guess I feel like I need to let them know I am here otherwise I start to feel like a stalker.

I have also been wanting to do my own site for the longest time. I justify my surfing by saying that I am just doing research on the best way to do my site. So I collect ideas from every single one I visit. Yours has been a big help to me. Not as much from the resources you provide (which are very good) but to watch how you do yours, make changes and how you got your very own look and feel to it. When trying to do pages myself, I kept getting screwed up. No matter how I tried to format it, I was never satisfied. Then looking at your site one day, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Tables, there all tables. I use Excel all day long... I know about tables. All the templates I had been messing with I could now just delete. Thank you Anne Ku!

25 Feb 2003I would like to have new friends. I am friendly, open minded and charmful person pls e-mail me!!!
25 Feb 2003

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 28 February 2003 Benefits of having your own Web site" at

John rated this entry yes and commented
One thing I would like to hear your insight on is how to copy right you site or ideas or pictures or whatever. I have been researching this myself and think I now have pretty good grip on it. But I had to dig it up myself and wade through a lot of boring material. Not being a writer anywhere else but on my on own hard drive, I knew nothing about it. I see something on almost every web blog I visit about how this site is copy righted and wondered how they did it. Just thought it may be a good topic for you.

25 Feb 2003
South Carolina

Here are some useful freebies to create a unique signature for your e-mails:

And information about Web TV:

25 Feb 2003

The following column appears in the UP!, which is a weekly email. You can subscribe by sending an email to: TO SUBSCRIBE, WRITE “I wanna get UP!” TO I'm not sure I recommend it as the emails are quite lengthy. You can also go to: I believe my column is up there but you'll have to dig, as each issue of the UP! is many pages long. So I send it to my own list every week, one week after it appears in the UP!

Doing Good and Doing Well, Part One in a Series By Phil Inje Chang

One of the truly refreshing aspects of life in the UK is the seriousness with which people pursue creative endeavours. Perhaps it has to do with a long and honourable literary tradition that includes Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton dot dot dot Joyce and Beckett; perhaps it has to do with the unpredictable weather (which is not that bad, contrary to the opinion of the critical British mentality); perhaps it has to do with the welfare state, which enables a significant part of the population to feel like they can’t fall that far. Hmm, that last point is interesting.

Part Two in a Series by Phil Inje Chang

Perhaps it says something about my eventual move to the UK that my first business venture was a charitable enterprise. Actually, the word “venture” is stretching things.


So what did I learn? First and foremost, a sense of conviction can achieve wonders in the real world, no matter what the circumstances. Later, I transmuted that sense of conviction in business contexts into that elusive but essential quality of leadership known as vision. If someone is blazing a trail, people will follow. And conviction enables you to work around any obstacle. Second, even a charity is a business. No matter how noble its purpose, it still must reach the audience it is intending to help, and its finances still must account for expenses, income and salaries. Third, even if an enterprise is not inherently commercial, it still faces the task of finding money, and that in itself is a form of marketing.

24 Feb 2003

This one has Dutch university pages in English

Free University is at but it's all in Dutch.

Found some interesting chord sites - they don't allow you to print - but you can see on screen

24 Feb 2003
South Carolina

Midi in stereo:

23 Feb 2003

So here's my question: I want to start my own web site, not only to have one for business purposes but also to finally get my feet wet in the world of the Web. I want to learn how to do it--roll up my sleeves, get my hands dirty in HTML, etc. Any suggestions for the cheapest/best way of starting out on this path? Any hosting services I should be using? I'd appreciate your input.

analyticalQ reply:
Doing a web site is not difficult if you take it incrementally. It's good to have a coach and access to experts. Let me ask you some questions -
1- do you have broadband from home - or a dial-up? in other words, who is your internet service provider (ISP)?
2- some ISP's provide free webspace
3- do you need to have a unique domain name, rather than a directory off somebody else's web site?
4- have you got some basic web site creation software like Frontpage, Dreamweaver, etc? You can create in MS Word too.
5- will it be mostly text, images, pdf's, or what?
6- how often do you plan to update it?
7- what is the purpose of your site? for people to find you? for credibility's sake? for FAQ's?
Just to give you a perspective, I started in early 1999 with 10 MB web space allocated. Only a year later did I need to increase it. At that time, my friend who had started his own business charged me a pound a megabyte. Now my site has grown to 200 MB and I use a different web host.
23 Feb 2003

What was the purpose for asking for a parody of MY WAY? You asked how I found your site. I was just looking at all the parody sites and that's when I saw something on the side asking if anyone had a parody to MY WAY. I did and I sent it. Is this just a site for parodies or does it have another purpose?

As you have guessed, the idea for 'My Way' came from true life, except for the crashing into a tree. That was just a little ending I thought would catch a laugh. Most of the songs I write have come from an experience in one way or other.

22 Feb 2003You have received some valuable feedback on 21 Feb, and I can feel your maturity in mentality seeing that you are not offended by critical comments on your choices of musical pieces you play. After all, however, you just can't satisfy everyone, right? But that feedback is meaningful for your reference.

I'm a layman about decision analysis. But I do comprehend the description of his instant and instinctive love for his baby. That's why blood is thicker than water. In a broad sense, we understand why the overseas Chinese donated a lot of money to help Dr. Sun Yat-sen overthrow the Manchu Dynasty and why the Jews over all the world made their best efforts to help Israel. Their lobbyists are most influential in the States.

Can you find the Chinese definition of "portfolio career" in your google search engine? Does it mean "be an expert in more than one special field of study"?

Here the government is urging people to acquire a second speciality so as to reduce the unemployment rate. More and more people are attending evening classes to learn computer skills, English, cooking or some other skills. Now English is being taught even in expensive kindergartens as parents fear their children may lose at the starting point if they wish to save the extra expenses. And you jokingly mentions your career as surviving by doing odd jobs. I don't think you are or should be so humble or modest.

22 Feb 2003

I discovered your site by typing "psychology of multimedia" in a search field of search engine. By the way could you look up a name of P.Warren's book you wrote about? I would be grateful :) - way too many results in with just this name.

analyticalQ: Check out my book reviews as this book has been reviewed.
22 Feb 2003Nice work with the new, more convenient health club. I'm sure you impressed the regulars (male ones that is) and they cannot believe their good luck. Attendence will surge based on your schedule, once it becomes known.
22 Feb 2003In your portfolio career, you could include "Computer Education for Matured Musicians" and specialize in teaching (matured) lay musicians how to use computers to prepare music notations and arrangements etc using Sibelius and other similar software. You could also branch into being a consultant or even embassador for Sibelius and get paid "selling" the software. Good luck.
22 Feb 2003It's nice to receive an acknowledgement email when people send you feedback using the "Contact". But if they simply emailed you through other means, you should avoid any auto-responder, cos the email address collection robots used by spam address collectors will detect that your email address is "certified" to exist, and hence will be included in their premium list sold to web advertisers which will fetch a higher price and targeted for relentless spamming.
22 Feb 2003In the Bon Journal web pages, you should place a copy of the top bar on the bottom of the screen and also add "Next" and "Previous" at the bottom to make it easier for people to navigate after reading the journal entry without having to scroll back up. Cheers.
22 Feb 2003 I was wondering why my song looked all bunched up and the other songs didn't.
22 Feb 2003Hey, I checked out your site. Pretty impressive but you have way too much free time on your hands!
21 Feb 2003

The person? Too much Grey Goose for you!

response to

Thanks for contacting Anne Ku. The website has received your e-mail, and you should hear back from Anne Ku, the person, within 48 hours. Otherwise, please visit to chase up. Have a great day!
21 Feb 2003
Wondering if you you would be kind enough to cast an eye on my website for any mistakes.
21 Feb 2003
Sorry I missed you. In the event, I was there till around 9 but didn't see you. See you soon - one way or another.
21 Feb 2003
I wonder what made them do it: Was it all those peace protest songs you were CONSTANTLY playing? Or were your Jazz arrangements a bit too aggressive? Bit too much staccato? Did you really have to play excerpts from the Britten War Requiem and Prokofiev every hour on the hour? And Handel's La rejouissance does have those "bomb"astic chords? Well, you can see you only have yourself to blame. Besides it is well known that especially the piano has the capacity to incite religous and political warfare on unimaginable scale. Well there you go ...

Seriously, what kind of a world is this: Music is just about the only language understood by all and if anything would soothe the atmosphere in that busy hotel. AND ... you never shoot the guy (gal) at the piano. (he says shaking his head)

Just as well you got the teaching job.

21 Feb 2003

People make irrational decisions even when the issue does not involve emotions. Decision Analysis (DA) is merely a way to clarify and put the "odds of winning" in one's favor, but it's still not foolproof in the business world nor in day-to-day decisions that don't involve emotions. But your focus is almost entirely on personal emotional if someone can measure the utility of love! Good luck!

What you write is great and very interesting. In fact it's really good reading, but people don't nor can they do DA for those kinds of choices. Only economists can and they're always wrong. I'm sure it's related to the following...which I may have told you.

Before my daughter was born I imagined what a new child would be like. It sounded neat and I couldn't wait. But the instant she was born, I was hit with a totally unfamiliar emotion that's impossible to describe. I loved her completely and unconditionally. There was nothing I could do. No matter how much of a pain she was I just loved her. And I still can't explain it.

20 Feb 2003
New York
I was serious. I was there from 12 to 4. I was looking for and you were looking for me. I asked the security guy if he saw anyone waiting in the front and he said no. I was there until 4, and then off to BP. Sorry for all the confusion. I really wanted to sit down, have tea and talk.
20 Feb 2003
I am a psychology student from Lithuania. I am making my so called final research about web usability and psychology of internet. Mostly I am focusing on advertising, psychology of advertising and web as a medium for ads, copywriting.

Too bad I cannot take your course :).

I was wondering maybe you guys could help me out with material for my research. In my country no one really writes about it.. Any articles you could share, links, names of books on this?

I would really apreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

20 Feb 2003
New York
I would like to purchase the book, Bayesian Analysis of Linear Models (Paperback), by Lyle Broemeling. Is the book available? If so, how do I purchase it? Thank you.
19 Feb 2003How unmarried people introduce loved ones

Beau, Beloved, Better half, Cohabitee, Co-pilot, Companion, Honey, Housemate, Life partner, Love of my life, Lover, Main squeeze, Man/woman/lady, Mate, Name (just introduce the person by their name), Other half, OTL (own true love), Anti-husband/anti-wife, Semi-spousal unit, Fishwife/fishmonger, Paramour, Partner, Partner in crime, POSSLQ (pronounced Possul-cu; person of the opposite sex sharing living quarters — formerly the language of the US Census), Primary roommate, Significant other/SO, Special friend, Spousal equivalent, Spouse, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Symbiont

19 Feb 2003We are working on a brochure for the company. If you have time, I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at it. I enjoy reading your well-crafted material, and we can definitely use some work on ours.
19 Feb 2003I was doing a Google search for "portfolio career" and, believe it or not, yours was the very first entry! So naturally I browsed around your site for a bit. Very fascinating! Where do you find the time and energy to do all of this? Since you are still looking for a sponsor, I assume you are not yet paid for all of this work. That's too bad. I, too, am interested in a portfolio career or, as I like to call it, a life--not a job. I am a (female) lawyer-turned-editor, but I have many interests, such as travel, writing, art, and photography, to name a few. I hope to turn some or all of these into money-making ventures someday. In the meantime, I'm pursuing my bliss...Good luck with yours.
18 Feb 2003I found your web-site by typing in "making personal decisions" on my search engine. I am plagued by the what if's and i don't want to regret anything. I gave up my lease in case I found a job out of state after I lost my job this summer and 7 months later I am living at the cabin and not working but seriously weighing every decision known to woman. I found some insight through your site, thank you.
18 Feb 2003

Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 9 February 2003 Ealing Symphony Orchestra" at

Ah, Ithought I noticed someone disappear out of the audience during the first movement! I'll stick a snippet of the second movement onto sometime during the forthcoming weeks, maybe you can catch it then! Best, Simon Hewitt Jones

18 Feb 2003

Don't argue with an idiot, people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

Wouldn't it be nice if whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over?

Stress is when you wake up screaming and then you realize you haven't fallen asleep yet.

My wife says I never listen to her. At least I think that's what she said.

If raising children was going to be easy, it never would have started with something called labor!

Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.

16 Feb 2003
I found your website by accident, searching I think on how to pronounce "Minogue", as in Kylie Minogue. The entry-point was the funny story that mentions Ms. Minogue, "Conversation with a DJ", and describes a situation with which I'm familiar. I found many of your descriptions and stories about personal discovery, career paths, and thoughts on life and people interesting, humorous, and insightful. I spent about 20 minutes reading one Saturday night.

But even with all of that, I would never have written you this short note if I had not seen "the picture", the one that shows your great figure and incredible legs. Yeah the picture has some nice scenery in the background also, ha, almost forgot -- but anyway you know which one, because you have it posted in so many places on your site that I suspect you know it's true value.

For me a person like you is tantalizing and I'm compelled to write -- how hard it is to find your combination: smart, fascinating, good-looking, energetic with a wide range of activitis, successful, and of course athletic, a female who can actually knows what is a workout, and takes it seriously.

It seems like you live in London now, and used to live in Houston. If you return to Texas at some time, and need a workout partner or just would like to talk some day, don't hesitate to let me know.

16 Feb 2003

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15 Feb 2003
The name and address of your company we found on the Internet. I would like to inform you that Croatia company seeking possible buyers of green electricity which will be produced by our WIND FARM . This project is authorised by KPMG West Europe account company. We have investor for this project but in this moment we seeking buyers and need their Letter of Intent. In case that you can help us and ready to include in our project please do not hesitate to contact me.
15 Feb 2003Feb 15th, the 15th day of the Chinese New Year of the Goat (or Sheep). It's also my year. Do you recall that Chinese Valentine's Day falls on the 15th day of a new year? It would be nice if one day we have Chinese Valentine's Day coincide with the Western date. Then you get 2 billion people celebrating, that's one third the global population, we should dedicate that to global love and peace.
14 Feb 2003
Happy Valentine's Day
13 Feb 2003
Wow! I get an entire page in Bon Journal?!?!?! What a nice surprise!! I've also made the "All the world's a stage" page...twice! How about that! Thank you so much for including my quartet on your website! That really means a lot!
13 Feb 2003
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13 Feb 2003

For me as a Caucasian (French/Italian/dutch origin), I just started my Mandarin conversation lessons, it's great to see lyrics explained in English! Theresa is singing like the waves of the sea sounds.........wonderfull! My skin starts tingling when I hear her voice. I got her name from a Chinese friend in Hong Kong. The site is very clear and all on it is easy to find and easy to open/use. Thank you very much for all!!

Favourite sites: (about HK movies, actors, actresses, + historical because of its (download possible of) Ch/Taiw/HK music.
Newspaper sites like New York Times (because of interest and my job). (worlds national themes) (a must) (this year's 'target' to learn Mandarin) summer school one of the next coming years) (of course yoú know......)

13 Feb 2003
Good evening....I just bumped into your site, looking for ideas for Valentine day for my web group in MSN....and of course I was drawn to Arundel, a very familiar place for me, since I visit the south coast very often for the weekend. I visit Arundel during different seasons of the year and I never get tired of it. It has a lot of charm and great antique and art shops and a very good second hand book store. I liked your site too as you showed a rare photo of the inside of the castle, since most views are always from the outside. When you travel by train to the south, specially at night, the first site might be the lit up castle in the middle of the dark night. A very welcome sight after the chaotic London. ..and finally your music was a nice surprise as I have played piano since I was a little girl. Thanks for sharing it all!
12 Feb 2003We are looking for the possibility of holding home concerts for Russian Artists who will be visiting the U.S. this summer and/or late this year. They usually are paid around $500 for a concert in a home. The price is usually $50 and we need to be able to seat about 45-50 people. Canyou direct us in any way?
12 Feb 2003
Internet Seer
Time: Wed Feb 12 14:23:23 EST 2003,
EST Total Time on Error: 17 hours, 46 minutes, 36 seconds
12 Feb 2003
Portland, Oregon
I had a chance to check out your excellent websites and am soooo impressed. This portfolio career thing really intrigues me...
12 Feb 2003
Excellent - your site is coming along in leaps and bounds
12 Feb 2003
Your universe is a fine one, Anne Ku, and you are doing a great job of sharing it with anyone prepared to look inside.
12 Feb 2003Low interest rates + Low unemployment = Higher stock prices. The question is just "When is it going to happen?"
12 Feb 2003
Liked the jam session, looks very lively and you can see there is a lot of fun going on too!
11 Feb 2003
Houston, Texas
I'll list the radio stations in Houston for you. 106.9 plays 80s, 104.1 current rock, 94.5 oldies, 96.5 plays 80s and other music. Hope that helps.
11 Feb 2003
I like your last paragraph. Haha. Actually, the ability to analyze junk bonds (perfected by Michael Milken), involves a lot of risk analysis. Junk bonds were ignored until Milken realized that the high yielding junk bonds increased in value as their credit ratings improved. So you not only got an astronomical dividend yield, the principal (of the bond) increased as the company got stronger. Milken saw that most bond rating agencies were too harsh on their judgement of junk bonds and that they were undervalued. Of course, when Milken made $300 million in a year, he became a little greedy and self-indulgent.
10 Feb 2003
I like your article I think it will cause a Dear Anne column in the magazine so be prepared for that. Its an interesting subject and I am sure you will have a lot of readers.
10 Feb 2003
Your latest journal shows you have been coughing a lot. Even loquat syrup or extract (5 brands as patent medicine available in any drug store here), you said, is of no use to stop your kind of chronic cough. Go to China town to get one manufactured in HK. It's less than 5 pounds here. Hwuo chi means internal heat in Chinese medicine. Some food may cause pink, reddish sore on your face near lips, eyes or nose. So we should not take too much roasted, deep fried food, hot pepper(that incl hot food), strong wine, garlic, leek, ginger, onion, etc. All of them can increase internal heat in your body. However, they are all nutritious. Heat in ginger can neutralize the coolness contained in seafood (crab, fish, oyster, etc), white gourd (Dong Gua), etc, etc. That's why in Chinese dish they always appear with food that contains coolness. Vinegar, which I love most, kills bacteria effectively, softens bone, adds taste to food. (in Chinese language, maybe you already know "eating vinegar" also connotes jealousy in boyfriend-girlfriend relationship).

Government here advocates people eat at least five different fruit and vegetables a day. They are alkaline, can neutralize acid meat, and prevent constipation. Also breakfast is more important than other two meals. So you should not skip it. Students having poor or no breakfast perform badly in their study, acdg to a research here. I usually felt hungry at 10 AM at Pingtung High as I had to eat breakfast fast to catch the early train at 6 AM. It was too early for me to have any appetite and the breakfast was always rice porridge and salted peanuts. Those were difficult yrs, and I never complained. I'm only happy that you can always enjoy peaceful years.

Anyway, I earnestly hope you pay more attention to your health, incl not to sit up too late, though I know it's not easy to sleep right after you reach home from outside (piano-pkaying at hotel). I know it's hard to change one's lifestyle. You are what you eat. (It means you should not eat too much or too little. It never means, as some fools think, you can strengthen your liver by eating more chicken or pig liver or become wiser by eating pig brain, etc)

Another saying is: Practise pertinence in eating habits. In Chinese, it means: Don't eat your fill or eat too much. Sure this is not easy especially at banquets, feasts or at free dinner parties. Devout Buddhists say: Eat 70 percent of a full meal. They mean to reserve some 30 percent room in your stomach. I think 20 percent is more like it. Here when hospitals, clinics across Taiwan reopen after the Chinese New Year, their outpatients swarm in. Most of them have instestines, stomach trouble because of having eaten too much during the Chi New Yr.

I hate smoking as much as you do, particularly when you say how tiresome it is to play the piano while smelling the disgusting secondhand cigarette smoke. I pray you'll soon solve this problem of pent-up fury. By the way, have you solved the question of your new email address?

7 Feb 2003Chien Tan Reunion Crew has invited you to: Chien Tan 20th Anniv
6 Feb 2003Dear Anne, Thank you for your very constructive help! If there is anything I can do to help you promote your CD's and performances just ask! Kind regards, Mike Sloyan The Business Club Ltd Birmingham United Kingdom "Because it's who you know that counts!"
6 Feb 2003Hi, I have been to your website many times and I think it's pretty good! The song that I have obtained from your website is the Titanic one which is very hard to find from other websites that offer it for free, and for piano users. I just want to know what kind of program you use to write up the scores professionally. (I am using Finale notepad 2003 but have trouble placing a rest above a dotted minim note and flipping the stems! So I would like to be introduced to a new notation program that could do that!)
6 Feb 2003
5 Feb 2003I am looking for someone to arrange the following pieces for string quartet. Il Postino, Theme Song from Sabrina, Somewhere In Time Please let me know if you can do it and your rate per song for the four parts and turn around time.
4 Feb 2003I thought you might enjoy reading this. It's basically about the 'new economy', how big corporations don't work anymore and why it's better to work for yourself. Seth Godin is the writer of the book "Ideavirus", an excellent and perceptive description of viral marketing and why it works. Paulo
4 Feb 2003Great. I'll add you. Let me know when my link is up :-) Also, can you please have the text on the link itself (not the description) set to "compare new and used books prices" ??? Ori.
3 Feb 2003I am trying to obtain the sheet music for 2 clarinets and bassoon of the set of Mozart Divertimenti 1-6. CAN YOU HELP?
3 Feb 2003Dear Colleague: Isn't it time you started writing for EnergyPulse? EnergyPulse is an exciting, new online publication for the global power industry from Energy Central. It features articles, commentary, insight and analysis from some of the industries top thought leaders. Since our launch in October, we have 135 contributing authors from around the world and 147 thought-provoking articles on topics ranging from alternative energy sources to standard market design. Readers can leave feedback about the articles and even contact the author directly from our private email system. We also have a weekly e-mail version of EnergyPulse that reaches over 60,000 energy industry professionals.
1 Feb 2003Hi Anne, I enjoyed your writings and think you have a real gift in this... Your unique upbringing and background give you an outlook that is both non-traditional and interesting.

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