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Background photo: Anne Ku at Ilp, May 2001 after an afternoon of swim, sauna, and steam.

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Thinking outside the box

I asked my students in Psychology of Multimedia, a course I developed and taught two years ago, how I could improve my web site. They suggested that I get out of my boxes. By boxes, they meant the squares and rectangles that the tables create in my web site.

These twelve students from eight different countries were, after all, some of the most talented graphic artists around. The web sites they developed for their final projects were diverse but high quality. The artwork was magnificent. So there must be some value in their advice.

We pigeonhole others in boxes as we do ourselves. After awhile, we think like everyone else in our box. To fit in, we have to share the same values. If we share the same values, we fit in. If we want to be anyone outside the box, we have to get out otherwise we will be the odd one out.

For a long time, I searched for musicians within the companies I worked in. After awhile, I discovered it was easier to look for musicians where they are likely to be. But even so, it's hard to break out of the box I've created for myself. Just leaving the previous box doesn't take me out of the box that imprisons me.

How can I acquire the tools to get me out of the box? Thinking outside the box is not so simple. But getting out of the box is even more difficult.

1 March 2003 Saturday

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