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Note: Background images in February 2003 are selected from the analyticalQ photo gallery.
Photo: the Virginians, barbershop quartet at Christmas.

Bon Journal

Valentine's Day offer

I received an e-mail about a Valentine's Day present I wish I could buy for my friends or for myself:

This week we are doing our annual Singing Valentines. For $50, we sing 2 love songs and present a rose to the sweetheart of their choice, at their office or home. For $75 we present a dozen roses with 2 love songs. We'll have 12 quartets singing all over the metro-Richmond area. It's a lot of fun! It's neat to watch people come out of the woodwork (when we sing in offices) to hear us sing!

Since I'm not in Virginia on Valentine's Day, I will prepare my own collection of favourite love songs for the romantic couples that decide to spend their evening at the hotel I'm playing at.

What are my favourite love songs? If I could request the barbershop quartet to sing for me, I'd choose the following mushy love songs:

Only You -- by Yazoo. I first heard it sung by the Pitchforks, the barbershop quartet resident at Duke University

Hard to Say I'm Sorry -- by Chicago. "Everybody needs a holiday --- from each other." Is this song about an overdose of love? I'm never quite sure. But then, I heard it as a lovesick teenager who didn't know any better.

It Might Be You --- from the movie "Tootsie". I seem to go through life wondering if every nice gentleman I meet might be THE ONE!

Real Love -- by the Beatles. This isn't my song, but it was given to me by someone who believed in real love. I don't know where he is now, but I would like to know and experience real love someday.

More Than Words -- by Extreme. This song just makes me cry, especially when performed live, in front of me.

Too Much Love Will Kill You -- by Queen. I heard this song while vacationing in Denmark.

All Out of Love -- by Air Supply. And while you're at it, sing the entire album please!

14 February 2003 Friday

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