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Psychology of Multimedia

not teaching psychology using multimedia but teaching psychology of multimedia using multimedia

Anne Ku says:

"I developed and taught this ten week private college course in the summer of 2000 in London. It was custom-tailored to the 12 college students from 8 different national/cultural backgrounds: England, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Thailand, and Finland. They were interested in multimedia and in developing their multimedia enabling skills, such as use of graphic and web design packages. "

In the first lecture, they introduced themselves by sharing what was important to them and also what they expected others to want to know.

Assignments consist of reading, researching, reading, participating in class by Q&A session and presentations, and course project.

Knowledge gained from this course:

  • definition of multimedia
  • overall understanding of psychology and various controversies
  • understanding of psychology of multimedia and psychology of Internet
  • insight into psychology of colour
  • web-related knowledge: usability

Skills gained from this course:

  • writing skills
  • research skills: how to research on the Internet, how to use search engines
  • presentation skills
  • skills in critiqueing (evaluation), summarising, perceiving

Overview, Lectures, Assignments, Topics

e-book reviews by students:

Color Logic for Web Site Design by Jill Morton

The Complete Color Reference Manual: Using Color to Influence Decision Making by John Miner

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