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31 March 2003Dear Colleague: Just how long have you thought about contributing to EnergyPulse but didn't know what to write about? Let me help you. Our readers have been requesting more articles, commentary, insight and analysis on the topics of: Energy Management Natural Gas Supply, Demand and Pricing Trading & Marketing
31 March 2003Hi ALL Following on from our Landmark Forum on 28th Feb through to 2nd March, I have just done the advanced Landmark Forum this weekend. WOW!!!! My wife did this with me (she did the Landmark Forum at the begining of Feb) and she too loved every moment of it. It was brilliant! If you thought Landmark Forum was good, this is even better. You cannot miss doing this. Please come tomorrow evening, this was nothing short of outstanding. There was so much laughter and fun as we really got to face our act. You cannot miss doing the advanced, please just come along and bring friends /partners as well if you would liike to.. Cancel your diary arrangments for tomorrow, this is just to good to miss and you will see why.
31 March 2003Yes, I am a customer of I haven't had any major problems with them, pretty good really. I did have to wait a while for then to activate the broadband here at home, but apart from that, no complaints.
29 March 2003They've been excellent. I've only experienced one email server outage in 3 months. they call up to see how you're getting on; the site admin tools are well designed; and the ftp server is always up. and when I accidentally mis-spelled hydrocracker in my registration document, they fixed it for me with Nominet.
29 March 2003I really love your page on the Irish Wedding! I could listen to that for hours! So many of the great barbershop songs are Irish songs. Reading about the wedding you played in made me want to go back to Kilarney! What a great time you must have had! I found out while I was there that the reason almost every Irish person you meet is very outgoing is that from the time that they're in kindergarten, they are made to get up in front of their classmates and do something. It could be singing, story or joke telling or whatever they are good at. By the time they're adults, they're used to it! What a great place to visit!!!
27 March 2003Hi Anne I have put the 30th in the diary and there is no problem regarding the use of the piano. I will not know the rehearsal schedule for May for another few weeks, but if you contact me closer to the time then we can't find some space. Many Thanks Ieuan
27 March 2003Do you know of anyone who could guide me from square one as to how to earn a living recording/writing song parodies? Books that purport to be even for 'beginners' [regardless of industry; Ihave always been a renaissance man and have many fully thought-out concepts/material to be expressed by many media and have no idea of how to proceed with any of them] do not actually guide you from square one, much less my 'worldly INexperienced' literal square one [I have not even had a 'regular' job in my life.] Please help. Thank you very much if you can.
26 March 2003To Whom It may concern I was wondering if this site was to be used for advertising? Can anyone write a story about their business and make it sound like they were a client of the business they were writing about. Would this be considered defrauding the public. I am very curious about this please reply with an answer to my question.
26 March 2003See how fast you type.
25 March 2003When I checked my website yesterday, Monday March 24th, I discovered it was down! This is really bad since I gave my domain name to potential customers for them to visit my website! Now I realise too, that I wasn't able to receive any mail from my three domain related E-mail addresses!
23 March 2003Hi, I came across your website as I was searching for a cousin of mine, one Robert McClure Duke, who was born in 1962, about 10 years my junior. Could this be the Robert McClure Duke that you mention as one of your high school friends? If it is, and I catch up with him, I will let him know you're looking for him!
20 March 2003Got a new boss that really knows the magazine, publishing and Internet business. Want to do two or three articles a year as a freelancer on Risk Management and Trading?
19 March 2003Your profile on ryze and your analyticalQ site are both really intriguing. I'm going to treat myself to really looking over your analyticalQ site sometime in the next day or two. The music you wrote that was inspired by Vikram Seth is beautiful. I really love it. I cannot help wondering if there's a chance you might be willing to compose a work for clarinet and piano that we could play together when I come visit london
19 March 2003

A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush on the Eve of War, 17 March 2003

Dear Governor Bush:

So today is what you call "the moment of truth," the day that "France and the rest of world have to show their cards on the table." I'm glad to hear that this day has finally arrived. Because, I gotta tell ya, having survived 440 days of your lying and conniving, I wasn't sure if I could take much more. So I'm glad to hear that today is Truth Day, 'cause I got a few truths I would like to share with you:

19 March 2003Only "awareness" -- perhaps you spent too long in the bathroom :p Just kidding. Awareness is a
great first step! Congratulations to you and your fine seminar leaders!

There's a story about an ancient school where the teacher told a class of older students that one of
the new students in the school had already achieved enlightenment at a young age. The other
students went to that young students and said, "We hear you have attained enlightenment. Is it so?"
"Yes, it's so," the young student replied. "Well, how do you feel?" asked the older students? The
young student replied "As miserable as ever!"

So I would ask you about this "awareness" and its relevance to you. Was the "awareness" just a
transient high such as one might experience during a hike through the woods? One that disappears in
the midst of real-world stresses and strains?

My guess is that the enlightened young student in the story still needs to secure food, clothing,
and shelter. He still shits; he still gets ill; he still feels lust and fear. When he is hungry,
he eats, and when he is tired, he sleeps.

If your awareness is more than a temporary high, what exactly have you become aware of? The
distinction between "map" and "territory"? Your willingness to face your worst fears? Your
capacity to effectively interpret the implicit communications of others? That you already have
within you all the resources that you need? Your capacity to interpret events in the world in a
useful manner? Your capacity to take responsibility for the manner in which your
communications affect others, and to inspire others to share your mission? The interaction of
the elements in systems? The advantages of visual thinking? Other NLP presuppositions? Or did you
even reach some kind of gestalt where you could imagine yourself eight months from now, having
already adopted the attitude where anything is possible, where beliefs are just beliefs, while
reality is your playground, where you are skillfully taking advantage of your opportunities
and eager to take on new challenges where you really LOVE life? And from that place where you
had already adopted the attitude and where you were regularly improving your skill in the techniques,
did you look back at the time when you had doubts or were impatient and laugh WITH the miserable
enlightened young student?

My seminar leader pointed out that one doesn't check for love as one might check the weather.
One goes first. I appreciated that perspective. It reminded me of the extent to which that love is
a choice. Then you can just bring the awareness of the choice with you wherever you go.

So if you remember the "well-formed outcome" frame, you might consider, to the extent you have
gained awareness, what is it you are creating in this life you have been blessed with?

Am I "practicing NLP"? You can judge that by your criteria. We have only just met, and not even in
the flesh and blood, so please do not share with me anything you are uncomfortable sharing. Be
sure to be comfortable about the things you choose to share with me. And if my comments seem
confusing or over-the-top, please let me know. If they are helpful, all the more reason to!

19 March 2003Further exploration reveals need for further exploration! I am only dipping into analyticalQ between tasks here at work, as my home PC has died an unnatural, fiery (really!) death. I did find the 'portfolio career' idea intriguing, and worthy of looking into more deeply. And am tempted by the CD, but how can I buy it, Anne? It is not clear from the web site, no matter how many links I click!! Please advise.
18 March 2003

I discovered in Yahoo, my favorite directory. I am requesting that you create a link from to my client's web site if you feel that their content is in some way related or complements your site. In exchange, I'll post a link from their site to yours. Exchanging links will help bring in more business for both your web site and my client's. An added benefit is increased search engine traffic because the search engines rank sites higher that have a good number of relevant links. This is not a free-for-all link exchange, I don't waste my time with them and you shouldn't either. I am only linking to related web sites so that all my links are relevant to my site. I would like to send you my client's web address, so that you can review their site. My client's hydraulic torque wrench, hydraulic nuts, and bolt / stud tensioners are the fastest and most efficient tools in the world. Please let me know if you are interested in exchanging links. I'll send you more details once I hear back from you.

analyticalQ reply: Your client would be happier if you surfed through analyticalQ to discover what analyticalQ is all about.
18 March 2003Dear Anne, I took a look at it.... YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Like Vogue model!!!!
17 March 2003Thanks for inviting me on Saturday, I really enjoyed myself - especially nice being at such an international gathering. As for ordering too much, Constant was pleased you did. He finished off the lot pretty quickly and said it was a shame there wasn't more!
16 March 2003Anne, It was a lovely afternoon. Thank you for including me.
16 March 2003Sorry, I missed the dim sum last Sat. I haven't checked this e-mail for a few and I'm quite busy right now. I had a competition last week and a lot of exams are coming soon. So I have to prepare for those things... sorry about that. Anyway, I hope you're doing well. and CONGRATULATION to the anniversary of your website!!!!
16 March 2003Congratulations on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of! Have a nice Dim Sum party, and spare a thought for the Hungry Poet whenever the opportunity arises.
16 March 2003You know, with the tune "I am woman" haunting me all day, I couldn't help but make a parody of the song when my creative thirst struck. So, here it is, hopefully it will cheer up your day as it did mine. So, another parody for your collection.
15 March 2003Last time I replied it got bounced -- hope this gets thru to you. I worked in China and Japan for several years, but have no Asian blood. Yes, I've studied NLP on my own, in a group in Tokyo, and attended a seminar w/ Michael Hall. What was your experience?
15 March 2003Ok, I can access through Mar 5 now. If I ever spend time with you, I will be on guard and well prepared for the Perfectionist's Racket :-)
15 March 2003When I read your 2nd March journal entry Helen Reddy's song "I am Woman" just kept ringing in my ears as I surfed through the rest of your journal. I find from my experience women more than men always want to be proven right, and the quest for clarity between black and white with little consideration for grey areas prevails in most circumstances involving a difference of opinion. The perfectionist syndrome or "racket" is stronger amongst women.
15 March 2003I was looking at your website.. so you have a career on the environment that's nothing to do with music, and music and piano is just a hobby, is that right? And you're a composer and play at soirees and are an exceptional sight-reader? Well, I went to Oxford, and am in between degrees, I hope to do another degree on the piano.
14 March 2003Your site(s) are now active. According an on-site staff, Nixon had to be rebuilt last night in a hurry because there were exploits found on the server that needed to be taken care of. Our system administrators had no time to notify the customers on that server because of the fact that it was a very serious issue that needed to be taken care of immediately before the server was compromised. We apologize for the lack of early warning but we considered it as a top priorities to keep the server data safe and clean the server out. Ticket will be closed since the issues were resolved by our system administrators.
14 March 2003You are my long lost twin sister. Dominican 27, Bi Fem from Washington Heights, NYC!! Special Education Teacher/Student/Runaway Travler... Amsterdam ;) I just got back!!!!! Where have you been sis? It's like talking to my self... Oh!!! Shit ma, look it's sis!!!
14 March 2003In dark moments, I worry that we (Americans) are arrogant, eat too much gas (oil), don't remember where we came from, and are in the process of creating a have vs. have-not chasm that will make today's terrorism look tame. I worry that when people can get their hands on nano-weapons, we're in real trouble. Have you read Bill Joy's famous future prediction? In case you don't know, Joy is Sun Microsystem's Chief Scientist -- although he spends a lot of time on things not got to do with Sun. He talks about unstoppable gray goo let go by a single terrorist -- I can find the links if you want.
14 March 2003hi there, I came to Brentford over the net via an obscure route and somehow found your funky kinda page! I'm Walter, a 46 yr old male living in Sydney, Australia, work as an English language instructor at Uni of Sydney, and am embarking on my second commercial feature length documentary film this year, next month!! The doco will be about islam in Indonesia, where I lived for 7 years during the 90s. Anyway, I'll catch you later after exploring your site a bit further,
13 March 2003I am watching Chinese culture TV for more than half an hour now and getting myself into some characters too. Here is one for the writing of zhou in animated format: The zhongwen site provides even more animated character writing! The China tv I am watching does provide lots of Chinese interviews, news and also Chinese written characters plus writing lessons, but is mainly in English. Too bad.
13 March 2003I've just tried getting back to the book page on the AnneKu web site, and had a problem. Are you installing a new web serving device on it or something (Apache???)
13 March 2003I notice that you now have several headings for Bon Journal in March; should they be linked? Am I missing something? Should people subscribe to see these items?
13 March 2003

Irish midi tunes to add to your Bon Journal:

13 March 2003

Enjoy a chamber music recital and supper in the historic Drapers' Hall. The acclaimed young violinist So-Ock Kim and pianist Tom Blach will perform their musical magic.

The programme will include:
Beethoven Sonata in G, op.30 no.3
Prokofiev Sonata no.2 in D op.94
R. Strauss Sonata in E flat op.18

"Music in the City" A Chamber Concert
Drapers Hall
Throgmorton Avenue,
London EC2
Tuesday 15 April 2003, 6:30pm
Supper will be served following the concert.

Use the form to book your place £30 (concert and supper).

Organised by the Broad Street Ward Club in London

12 March 2003

You may know this already - but it might trigger new ideas: Promoting your site

Search engine notification
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Once the form is filled in the search engine will visit your site and
catalogue it in a database that it keeps in order to respond to search
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"Java Links Resources Advice Tutorials">
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Here the first tag specifies the list of keywords which describe the site
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Once a search engine has visited your site it will add a listing of your
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Developing key words
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11 March 2003

I appear to need a user name and password to submit comments to Advanced Guestbook otherwise I get "Error - Your message contains some invalid words. Please correct and submit" I tried setting myself up with a username and password but it still gave me the same error Also I couldnt go back to the page I had written in either by IE backspace or using Back to submit form link - doesnt allow you to submit urls.

I was having difficulty on the Sign the Guestbook page. I filled in all fields except Homepage, which I left totally blank It doesnt appear to allow me to copy in URL hotspots into the Message text area as I have now successfully submitted a comment without any URLs - just thought it would be useful to be able to place links in there as much for feedback to you as for pushing links to surfers.

11 March 2003Hey, I want to read! Only your 1 Mar entry has a link. Is this the journal equivalent of doing the table of contents first and filling in later... Seriously, you are Ok? Everything is all right? I guess I'm a little concerned because normally you write like a fiend. Tell me your just off busy or delayed with something and I won't worry.
10 March 2003
Favourites: Pictures at and for starters cometosite: other method likecontents: very much likelayout: very much partsofsite: Anne - I think your photos of Wales are awesome particularly the ones of you cycling at: and youroffer: Ecommerce and java based technology dislikemost: N/A city%2c+state: London country: UK newupdates: yes submit+button: Submit
10 March 2003Dear Anne, Hi! My name is Jess, I'm also a pianist and composer (primarily for piano) and I also play gigs like parties, restaurants, around London UK and even cruises etc. and I accompany as well. Seems like we got a lot in common! I'm very interested in how you got to where you are, obviously amazing talent and a lot of work! How did you get involved with parties and soirees? I've composed piano pieces for orchestra and piano and I have played the Tchaikovsky 1st Piano Concerto when I was 18 and again when I was 20. Although I know I have a long way to go yet, lots of learning new repertoire, entering international competitions for composing and performing, and try and get my name established somehow by consistently impressing people over many years, which you have already done to great effect, as can be seen by your prestige. I was just browsing for jobs for accompanists and I came across you on the web. I would really like to get to know by e-mail, and if you've got the time, I'd really like to hear from you. Bye for now!

10 March 2003
N. Virginia


I made your famous banana bread recipe - KuKu Banana Bread. It was a big hit this morning at the office.
9 March 2003

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 17 November 2002 The pilot's wife by Anita Shreve" at

rated this entry no and commented it was shocking

8 March 2003A friend of my older sister's asked me if I knew of a reasonably priced bed & breakfast in outer London. I told him that I would convey the request to a pianist I know who lives west of central London. Please do not do any research on this, but if you know of such places, just revert such info.
7 March 2003Anne, it was good to talk at the Shell talk at LBS. I intend to rigourously read your newsletters on decision analysis that you gave me. I hope you do not go into another dimension - I met a German lady at an OR meeting who was into decision analysis and sustainable systems, and who was doing a PhD at Southampton University in the Accounting and Management Science dept, who later started to believe that UFOs were landing under either the N or S Pole - so beware!
7 March 2003Re.

The presuppositions are possible beliefs that you might try on to offer you more choices in your evaluations of the world. Your contradictions are not "truth" either; they just might prevent some choices from occurring to you.
> 1. The mind and body are one system.
> How do you explain the common phenomenon that the head wants one thing, > but the heart another? That logic or rationality of the head doesn't always agree > with the feelings or the emotions of the heart?

You are absolutely right. And the significance of this statement has more to do with the times when the body's condition affects the mind, or when mental shifts manifest themselves in body changes. Cheer up and you also might straighten up; straighten up and you also might cheer up. Also, in the context of your observation, ONLY when one recognizes that the head and heart are parts of the same system (you) can you resolve the apparent conflicts between logic/rationality and feelings/emotions. "Ultimately I will make a decision that accounts for the logic of my situation and my feelings." And are "logical" decisions (your or others') purely rational, or are they somewhat dependent on "feelings"?

> 2. There is no failure, only feedback and renewed opportunities for learning.
> But surely acknowledgement and acceptance of failure is a sign of maturity!
If IBM does not hire me, not acknowledgement and acceptance of the fact of IBM's not hiring me is surely a sign of immaturity. And evaluating the encounter as a "failure" suggests I have hit a brick wall. Evaluating the encounter as "feedback" might inspire me to figure out what I neglected to do, or otherwise what I can learn from the encounter to perform better next time.
> 3. If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've
> always got. So do something different!
> That is, if you want to get different results, of course. I pointed out that most
> people do what they're trained to do. And they surround themselves with > people who do the same kinds of things. To break out of this re-enforcing loop > means to go against the tide. It takes a lot of courage to do so.
> 4. In interactions, the person with the greatest flexibility will control the > outcome.
> I tend to agree with this.
> 5. A person cannot NOT respond.
> This is saying that we are constantly communicating or reacting, whether > verbally or nonverbally. Exception: if you don't see or hear it and the other > person is expecting you to respond.

"This communication did not get to me in a manner that allowed me to respond" would be the message you are sending to them. If they adhere to this presupposition, they have more options to continue the communication.
Even if you mean, for example, a letter that was not delivered properly and somehow never reached the recipient's conscious awareness, if you interpret the failure to respond as a response, you might consider what you might do to get the response you want, i.e., re-sending the letter.
> 6. The meaning of your communication is the response you get.
> Again, if you don't get a response, it could be that the previous presupposition > doesn't work.

Or it could be that you did get a response that said more about the context of the communication than the opinions of the person who the message is communicated to.

> 7. The map is not the territory.
> Do not judge a book by its cover. All that glitters is not gold. This could also be > reworded to "Just because you have the map, doesn't mean you own the > territory."

Actually it goes beyond cases of wild excitement or politics, and extends to banal judgments about day-to-day events. The same things can happen to two people and for one it is a "bad day" while for another it is a "good day."

> 8. Every person lives in their own unique model of the world.
> But some people have absolutely no clue.

If you feel you lack the desire or the power to clue in the clueless, you are right. And if you demonstrate your appreciation of the extent to which their model is valid, you might be able to open up their model a bit.
> 9. Every person has all the resources they need to solve all their problems.
> If that's the case, why does everyone I know have problems?

If these same people had a greater appreciation of the tremendous resources they have within their mind-bodies, they might find ways of making themselves (and others) more fulfilled and even excited to take on the challenges in their lives. And new challenges will still be there even after the old ones are addressed, but at least they might not take on the rather unproductive view that they are "stuck" in a "problem."
> 10. If one person can do it, anybody else can.
> Why not? provided he has all the resources (presupposition 9) and the correct > model of the world (presupposition 8).
> 11. Every behaviour has a positive intention.
> Even murderers, rapists, and other bad people? Yes, according to my teacher. > In their own unique model of the world, that was the behaviour to get what they > want.

Your point that what seemed "positive" for them is not necessarily positive for you (or even for them) is correct. But to the extent you care to prevent people from doing bad things, you might be interested to explore what their motivations are, and how to satisfy them in a more mutually beneficial way. "Zhiji zhibi baizhan baisheng."

5 March 2003Google link from "nlp presuppositions"; Male; 29; nyc/shanghai/tokyo; finance/software/philosophy/everything... Why not make it a blog?
4 March 2003
Two events: March 6th and April 15th you will enjoy.
3 March 2003Are you still writing about electricity in Europe? We are looking for report authors at the moment and have some projects you may be interested in.

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