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Photo: Cycling to Nefyn, North Wales, August 2001

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The other health club

My free seven day trial pass started yesterday with a short tour of the facilities. This is the other health club in the area where I live. Understandably, the higher membership fees imply that it's better than the one where I'm a member However, I've always been curious as to why it's better.

If not for the higher fees and the greater cycling distance, I would be a member already. It's got a wider network in London than my health club. Here are the other "betters":

My health Club
The other health club
few classes
over 100 classes, greater variety, better music
Music in hallways and changing rooms
pop or techno
classical music
not free
provided free of charge
Changing rooms
small, constantly needs to be cleaned
bigger, feeling of a hotel spa
use single pound coins in exchange for key
bring your own locks
grandmothers and housewives, even children
younger group but over 18's only
Bar and restaurant
smoking allowed
no smoking
Weights and other equipment
scattered or in a box
organised on wooden shelves on the wall
Fitness class rooms
a large one
three small ones
not available
Separate women's workout area
Swimming pool
smaller, murkier, often infested with kids
lane swimming, cleaner

Despite the "better" in most of the categories, I still miss seeing familiar faces in the fitness classes.

21 February 2003 Friday

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