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 January 2003 Guestbook
31 December 2002Hi Anne,

Would you please consider adding the Enneagram test at my site to your tests page? It's located at on my website "Energy and the Enneagram."

Thank you.

I noticed that one of the links didn't work, the "intelligence test" under the heading "Others."
The URL returns a 404 error.

31 December 2002The 2nd week of June may be warm so the air conditioning will be on. I can put you in a tent in my backyard. I don't know if the grand piano will fit in there, though.
29 December 2002I hope your jam session went well. I was meaning to get in touch, but was too disorganised, and also left your telephone number at home yet again.
29 December 2002Hi, I would like to suggest Where are you Christmas, by Faith Hill
28 December 2002I just came upon your wonderful site and was hoping you could email me the melodic version of The First Noel. I seem to be having trouble downloading it. Yes, I'm starting to prepare for volunteering next Christmas at Senior housing.
26 December 2002
Thank you so much for inviting me to your Recital. Preeti and I had a wonderful experience- the music, the people and the food.
25 December 2002
San Antonio, Texas
Can you check your site on this page, I can't get it to come up, and several people can't.
23 December 2002
Austin, Texas
I imagine you must be one of the most academically qualified cocktail pianist ever hired by the establishment!
23 December 2002
Californian in London

Forwarded email: THIS IS SOOO GOOD

By the way, also check out

If You're Happy And You Know It Bomb Iraq
by John Robbins

If you cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq.
If the markets are a drama, bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are Saudi,
And your alibi is shoddy,
And your tastes remain quite gaudy,
Bomb# Iraq.

If you never were elected, bomb Iraq.
If your mood is quite dejected, bomb Iraq.
If you think that SUVs,
Are the best thing since sliced cheese,
And your father you must please,
Bomb# Iraq.

If the globe is quickly warming, bomb Iraq.
If the poor will soon be storming, bomb Iraq.
We assert that might makes right,
Burning oil is a delight,
For the empire we will fight,
Bomb# Iraq.

If we have no allies with us, bomb Iraq.
If we think that someone's dissed us, bomb Iraq.
So to hell with the inspections,
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions,
Bomb# Iraq.

If corporate fraud is growin', bomb Iraq.
If your ties to it are showin', bomb Iraq.
If your politics are sleazy,
And hiding that ain't easy,
And your manhood's getting queasy,
Bomb# Iraq.

Fall in line and follow orders, bomb Iraq.
For our might now knows no borders, bomb Iraq.
Disagree? We'll call it treason,
It's the make war not love season,
Even if we have no reason,
Bomb# Iraq.

John Robbins can be contacted through his website,

23 December 2002
Have not heard much about your adventures or new compositions lately. What's new in your world?
23 December 2002
The Tanaka-Vacelet family, plus friend, greatly enjoyed the party-concert. The music was as enjoyable as the atmosphere. I enjoyed meeting especially Robert. A recommendation from French people: some foie gras was left in your fridge. It goes great towards the end of the meal (but before dessert) with sweet wine, on French bread. Enjoy for Christmas, or sooner, or later.
23 December 2002
I have tried to find the score of Butterfly Lovers piano concerto (it is a concerto, not a symphony) in two bookstores here, but in vain. Nor have they had score of songs sung by Teresa Teng, except numbered musical notation. It seems musical standard here is still lower than that in America or Europe. Try It sells some 10,000 scores, classical, pop and jazz. It even has relations that can publish score for a composer.
22 December 2002
I just realized that you messed up the attribution of the photos ... all but one are I took....
20 December 2002I think the flute and harp song was beautiful!! I haven't heard something so amazing in a long time!
20 December 2002
Portland, Oregon
I just bought the Enron book by Loren Fox- it looks like the best factual account of the rise & fall of Enron. Have you seen the Kinder going away party tape? I read about it - it was featured on TV here- there is a skit where Skilling parodies mark to market accounting.
19 December 2002Take care of your precious fingers! They are your most treasured assets as long as you love to play the piano, so never overuse them. Some pianists stopped playing piano just because their fingers got seriously injured after years of neglect.
19 December 2002

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 18 December 2002 First requests and tip" at

Robert rated this entry yes indeed and commented I could just see you smile

19 December 2002

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 13 December 2002 Stranded passengers" at

Robert rated this entry yes and commented magic!

19 December 2002

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 12 December 2002 Saved by Dan Coates" at

Robert rated this entry Yes and commented cute!

19 December 2002

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 18 December 2002 First requests and tip" at

Joe rated this entry Yes and commented I've always felt, Anne, that it's the quiet ones who have the most going on inside their heads. They've always been the most interesting people to me. Still waters run deep. You're paid to play for the showpieces in the lounge area, but your real mission is for the the people who matter. I'm happy for you that you're finding fulfillment in your avocation! All the best for a joyous Holiday.

19 December 2002I have read your journal up to 18 Dec. Obviously they were just wriiten today 19 Dec. Wonder how large your repertoire is. If the audiences wish to enjoy a great variety of music pieces, is it possible that you may go short of them? Your journal so far has kept me informed of all your latest activities in show business. Are you quite excited these days? At your age, you should be able to deal with all sorts of situations and pple of all kinds. I hope I can some day see you perform at the hotel. By the way, what is the name of the hotel?
18 December 2002

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 1 December 2002 Watercolours of Frances Ku as background image" at

Robert rated this entry euh... and commented Idea: Use style sheet for background pictures. It doesn't do justice to her paintings when you use such small images.

18 December 2002

Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 11 December 2002 Overcoming stage fright" at

Robert rated this entry Yep! and commented Wow, you're becoming a pro! but see; breath is the answer!

18 December 2002
Thanks for the review of my book "Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play" (2 November 2002). I found it because some visitors to my website clicked through from the link you gave. Love your site. Fascinating stuff! I'll return the compliment by putting a link to yours from my site.
18 December 2002
I have two questions about your article "That exotic option called power" (EPRM 2002/12 pp.31-33).

(Q1) You wrote "Shmuel Oren had done research work motivated by options in contracts...". I was wondering if you show me the details of the reseach paper, the title, the publisher's name, availability, etc.

(Q2) I'm interested in the real quotes of electricity option market, including plain vanilla to exotics, however I have not been able to look for such data, while forwards market quotes are easily avaiable from many vendors like Platts, Bllomberg, etc. I don't know where I can get such data. I was wondering if you give me some hints about it.

17 December 2002
North Carolina
Hello, I am trying to figure out where I can get my workers permit if I live in Oxford , North Carolina. If you can tell me where to get it then e-mail me at my e-mail address which is typed below.
16 December 2002
I am a big fan of your Bon Journal!! I notice in your journal entries that you like to include various receipes that you have created. I was wondering if you have a receipe for Peking Duck. I have been trying to find a tradional style receipe but I haven't found one yet. Frances suggested to contact you. Whatever suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much, I really do appreciate it.
16 December 2002
Washington DC
Thanks for your reply Anne. It's not so much that I didn't understand various points in the articles, its more along the lines of gathering insight and information for the introductory essay.
13 December 2002After reading your journal I must disagree with your mother and brother on their take on Thanksgiving. Most people DO think about spending time with their parents and siblings! That's why the day before Thanksgiving is the most traveled day of the year in the US. This Christmas my brother and his family are coming to stay with us and I can't wait to see them. So please don't despair at your longing for family during the holidays.
13 December 2002
female, Singapore

Hi, I downloaded the fonts but I still can't see the notes. Please help me.

analyticalQ reply: Sorry, it's a problem I haven't had time to look into. If you buy a CD from me I'll send the CD and the sheet music you want (please tell me which) by post. Are you in Singapore?
12 December 2002Some months ago, at a Marketing Systems seminar I attended on my own accord (not on behalf of the company I work for) my name tag read "Writer & Consultant, Marketing Systems", in an effort to advertise my own availability. Just standing there, I received several strangers making my acquantaince, curious what "writer & consultant" was all about. I had written a book on marketing systems. I was met by two potential clients interested in my services, and was even interviewed by a reporter at the event. And I was only an independent delegate. You see, it is possible to be associated with an industry and be that "somebody" without the backing of a corporation and still get respected and positively noticed. Your card could read "Writer / Consultant, Energy & Decision Science".
12 December 2002
Mia from ?

SAD Today is not a good day for me. I just found out that no one likes me. Exspect for the people who have to love me like my family. All the friends and boyfriends used me. I don't know why they would want to use me. I am ugly and have really no money. Maybe cause they wanted to make a fool of me and make me think that I have friends. But it didn't work! I am not that dumb! Maybe you think so but I'm not. I just want to say to all those people who did this to me will regret it when the time comes.

analyticalQ reply: That's not true nobody likes you. We all have days like this. Vengeance won't help. You just have to find out what you don't like about yourself and try to change it. Or learn to accept yourself the way you are. Remember, the greatest love of all is to learn to love yourself.
12 December 2002Dear journal
Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 7 December 2002 Builder's apprentice"

Jeremy rated this entry yes and commented thought it was very easy reading and a source of light relief-keep them coming Anne

11 December 2002

Dear journal

Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 23 November 2002 James Bond: die another day" at

Robert rated this entry yes and commented Indeed an insult! Guess Halle Berry should find herself another man!

11 December 2002So now I finally know what went into all your great bakeries of which I finished the last bits today. Unfortunately the round apple cake leftover went mouldy.
10 December 2002
conservation specialist, Colorado
My oh my you lead an interesting life. I'd like to meet you someday. Perhaps next time I am in London, I'll stop by for a cocktail. Good luck!
9 December 2002
researcher, Washington DC
I have been reading some of your terrific articles I am going to use in a research project I am working on regarding forecasting. I am trying to understand the dynamics of demand/load forecasting versus price forecasting. I have read that price forecasting is more difficult as you are analyzing demand and supply as opposed to demand (from what I understand). Do companies use both in their activities or rely on one method over the other? Is uncertainty a major factor in which one is used?
6 December 2002
analyticalQ fan
Yes, Anne Ku is a unique product, it's rare to find a composer/pianist, decision scientist, energy consultant, web developer, all rolled into one. This is truly the intrigue that is Anne Ku. So far, people seem to know your website as, I don't know if has established itself yet.
6 December 2002The link to Chappells of Bond Street doesn't work, it doesn't take you anwhere. I found your site through a Google search for 'Chappells of Bond Street'
5 December 2002
male, Belgium
Anne, I saw your nice pictures of your musical duo and think you are a pretty woman ! Also heard your beautiful voice in your yahoo ID ! Of course the disappearance of your schoolmate intrigues me. And, I admire your " world life walk " from Brunei to England, its the right stuff for dreams and my fantasy.
5 December 2002
technologist, Virginia
How are things with you? cocktail pianist? that's so cool. Where? what kind of place?
4 December 2002
retiree, Taiwan
Charles Handy, British economist and most noted European master of managment and admin science, made a speech in Taipei 3 Dec entitled "View enterprises and individuals from elephants and fleas." Each listener had to pay 10,000 NT (300 USD), an all time expensive admission.

He said, in a nutshell, there will be more and more independent workers (fleas) in the world. In fact soon there will be more than 50 percent of them, surpasssing the number of full-time workers in enterprises (elephants), who also wish to be independent workers. In the new century, elephants and fleas rely on each other. Through professional contracts, fleas offer original ideas and tech to elephants. Fleas own independent space and freedom and they do not belong to elephants.

He said, no governmentts or organistions will promise to give an individual lifelong financial protection. Retirement age may be extended to 70 or 75 when pension becomes a problem. He himself began independent worker at
49 yrs of age.

4 December 2002
auditor, London
And, by the way, I enjoyed the write up on 'Dante', although for my money there was a little too much emphasis on the French and not enough on the Russians -- but maybe I'm just lonely. I also liked the notes from your conversation with your brother on Thanksgiving Day. Typical. I presume he has no plans to visit over the holidays or any time soon. Again, typical. Like I said, we've lived less than 90 minutes apart for three years (more?) and I've seen him twice. Both times were when I insisted on stopping by on my way.
3 December 2002
energy expert, US
Thanks to your article I got invited to speak at the annual Energy Risk conference in London in March 2003 :) Very much excited about it :) Thank you very much for that.
3 December 2002
male student, France
Hi (ni hao)

I am astudent in Master Logistic of CRET-LOG (Aix-en-Provence, France), and I work a rapport of bibliometric (scientometric) about flexibility manufacturing.

I worked with a sample of 35 publications between 1995-2002 of 7 reviews:
International Journal of Production Economics, European Journal of products innovation management, journal of product innovation management, journal of operation management, computer and industrial engineering,
international journal of flexible manufacturing system)

I established a classification of the authors the most cited:
1) Stecke
2) Gupta
3) Gerwin
4) Browne
5) Goyal
6) Upton
7) Sethi and Sethi

But I noted that Gerwin is the reference for many authors. Could you say me the main authors who work on the research Flexibility according your opinions?

2 December 2002
I talked to John who is an avid reader of your Bon Journal and he doesn't think it's a good idea to charge people to read your journals, as most people read for fun and not out of necessity. The best way to do it is to have them buy a CD and they get a one year membership. That way you can at least sell those CD's. Like, "Buy a CD and get free membership!"
2 December 2002
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2 December 2002
Hello, I have been trying to download "The First Noel - Melodic accompaniment" from your website however I am haveing some problems. As soon as the file is saved, and then opened, an error messages opens which says that I need "aloisen" font. Do you know where I could download or get this font from? Is that my only problem or do I need to do something else? Thanks very much for your help,
2 December 2002
playwright, London
Incidentally, where do you buy your web-hosting from? Is there a particularly good deal out there somewhere? I need a host which offers email addresses, I think.
2 December 2002
research student, Canterbury, UK
I am researching my Ph.D at the University of Kent in Canterbury, UK, looking at the growth in the number of single women living alone. I have just come across your website and wondered if you would be interested in being interviewed as part of my research. I am not sure if you are based in the UK, but if not, perhaps I could email you some questions.
1 December 2002
molecular biologist, Scotland

Dear journal

Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 23 November 2002 James Bond: die another day" at

Nigel rated this entry Yes and commented:

Hi Anne, Many thanks for the e-mail. It's good to hear from you and we all enjoyed meeting you. I liked your journal entry describing our night out to see the Bond movie. However, there are a few points that need to be amended if it is to be an accurate record of the evening. Firstly, Alison is spelt with one l not two. Secondly, I read in the press that whole face transplants might be possible within six months, not "within a few years"! As for the dream machine, I said I thought it was "more plausible than whole genome transplants", and not that it "isn't far from true". With regards to sleep, I said that my understanding of its role is that it allows the brain to repair and re-wire its neuronal connections, not just "so that we rest are bodies". Finally, "genetic engineer" is a passé _expression (and perhaps a little clichéd - the movie industry probably like it!) and one that I wouldn't use any more - it's a bit like calling a scuba diver a "frogman"! Keep up the good work. I hope you find this feedback useful and constructive. Kind Regards. Nigel

1 December 2002
Belgian male
You still speak Chinese? I mean most songs of Teresa Teng are in Mandarin I believe. I bought 2 DVDs of Teresa on the web. One concert in Tokyo, the other may be concert in Tapei, but don't know the year. All inscriptions are in Chinese signs. I still try to figure out how I can link a Chinese song of her by hearing it to the title of the song , meaning on CD and DVDs songs are numbered and song title is in Chinese signs, on the web a find some English titles, but linked to some kind of romanised signs.... So still Asian mysteries to solve.......
1 December 2002

Dear journal

Regarding "Bon Journal at analyticalQ 29 November 2002 The audition" at

Robert rated this entry yes and commented Congratulations once more! Quite an achievement!

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