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26 January 2004

Website tuners

engines that check your site for gif optimisation, html correction, broken links, browser compatibility, load-up and down-load times

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Anne Ku

Le Bon Journal Newsletter,
Volume 1 Issue 7: Building a Web site, rediscovering yourself.

Le Bon Journal Newsletter,
Volume 2 Issue 3: Celebrating four years of analyticalQ

Latest published article by Anne Ku

Choosing and changing your webhost - Freepint Newsletter Issue 152, 22 January 2004, HTML version, PDF version

Anne Ku, Sept 2003
Anne Ku became involved in building Web sites by way of doing corporate intranets in 1997. Since launching in March 1999, she has continued to advise individuals on building and promoting their own sites.
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to help you design and build your website


Diary and journal entries

short articles written by Anne Ku

Web site consultancy

Anne Ku has helped many people get started in cyberspace. Please contact her for details.
Website improvement and transformation:
London Financial Studies
Coaching, hand-holding (subscription service to support
Website critique and editing:,
Website maintenance:
New websites built from scratch:
Peter Murphy, harpist,
The Ark Gallery in London,
Archive Bookstore
User requirements analysis:
how to get started, which packages to use, which web host to use, how to register a domain name


educational, informative, interesting

Changing web hosts - the nitty gritty details of moving your website to another web host

Less obvious ways of promoting your site - including newsletters, e-books

Psychology of Multimedia

10 week undergraduate course at SAE college, affiliated with Middlessex University in the UK, developed by the lecturer Anne Ku (12 students from 8 countries in the UK)