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Note: Background images in December 2002 and January 2003 journal entries are selected from Frances Ku's collection of her original watercolours.

Bon Journal

Serial baker at dawn

After a late meal of Spanish tapas and sangria, I went to bed quite uncomfortably satiated. This morning I rolled around in bed before dawn, finally accepting that the day was short.

At 7:30 am I rolled out of bed. The first news I heard was that a suspect for the serial rapings in Surrey has found arrested. This was good news. Let's hope the police have caught the right person.

At any rate, it was time for my own serial activity: baking. First I made an apple spiced ring, using two apples and my new tube pan. While that was baking, I started on gingerbread. Having run out of milk, I decided to use the milk left over from my morning cereal, diluting it with a bit of water to make the full 2/3 cup.

The spiced apple ring came out just fine. Into the already hot oven went the rectangular shaped gingerbread. While that was baking, I started to make the coffee and almond streudel cake. Unfortunately, I didn't have any milk left by now. Fortunately, I had some homemade custard in the fridge. Although it's no longer fresh (about 7 days old), at least it had not gone bad. So I decided to throw that into the mixture, as substitute for the milk. Hopefully nobody will notice the difference.

The gingerbread came out nicely too. In went the circular shaped coffee cake, though by now it didn't smell of coffee at all (after the custard).

By now, it's 10:30 am - and time for me to scrub the kitchen floor. A woman's work in the kitchen is never finished.

3 December 2002 Tuesday

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