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2 December 2002

Bon Journal

James Bond: die another day

We know what to expect: James Bond saves the world, sleeps with another girl and lives until the next movie. Yet, we still go and see it all the same.

This latest one rides on the edge of reality. After the adrenalin rush, we calmly took apart the movie in the car, piece by piece.

I asked Jeremy's sister Allison, a general practitioner and a mother, whether she keeps up with the latest medical developments. "I mean, is it really possible to engineer a new face?" It is farfetched, yet the radio reports that whole face transformations (such as taking the face of a corpse) are medically possible within a few years.

"Could you really change an Asian face into a Caucasian? Change eye colour from brown to blue?" I asked.

Later I asked her husband Nigel, a molecular biologist and genetic engineer, whether any of that was possible. He replied that the dream machine isn't far from true. "We sleep so that we rest our bodies. Something like the dream machine could simulate what sleep does."

Robin, who had studied aeronautical engineering at university, remarked that the windsailing from below the glacier was quite incredible. I found it hard to believe how anyone would have the time to create a ski board and parachute while the glacier was crumbling.

While Jeremy kept praising Bond's new "invisible" car, I asked whether such reflectors existed. No was the unanimous reply.

What intrigued me most was not James Bond. I've seen Brosnan loads of times, but it was my first of Halle Berry. She was good looking and likeable. "Ah," said Nancy, Peter's wife, "she's taking a break from acting to save her marriage. I read that her husband is suffering from sexual addiction."

What an insult, I thought, to such a beautiful actress!

23 November 2002 Saturday

analyticalQ movie reviews
It's my first time in Belfast, a name nearly synonymous with the IRA and danger. However, it's not at all what I had expected. It's like any other city in England, with its chain shops, banks, etc. The difference is that it's on the island of Ireland and Irish hospitality rules.
My friend Jeremy invited me to his family reunion as his brother Robin and girlfriend Maria May were visiting from the south of France. After hitch-hiking from Hatton Cross, where the tube had stopped due to signalling problems, we managed to get on the plane at Heathrow Airport on time. About an hour later, his brothers Peter and Robin greeted us with warm smiles in Belfast City Airport.
Jeremy's mom Joy welcomed us to her home, to a tasty hot lunch.
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