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Early thanksgiving dinner

In the run up to Thanksgiving and Christmas, I get homesick and familysick. To spare me the longing, I decided to acknowledge it and invite a few neighbours to a homecooked dinner.

One couple are leaving London, getting married, and migrating to Canada. Another I'm just getting to know.

I prepared the cream of cauliflower and carrot soup yesterday. I made Chinese marbled tea eggs yesterday. I marinated the chicken thighs overnight. I brushed and mopped the floors. I moved the sofa into the living room. I set the table for six.

It was almost perfect. My coconut rice didn't cook well in the rice cooker. We ran out of time to have port and cheese.

It was cosy to entertain two couples and one singleton. In a few years, these couples will have their own families and I will be the singleton guest at their homecooked thanksgiving dinner.

27 November 2002 Wednesday

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