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by Anne Ku

© Copyright Anne Ku, 1999 - 2004

Theme from Titanic

Virginia, June 1999

for flute and piano

Piano Theme from Diva

Maui, Oct 1999

piano solo transcribed by Frances Ku

A Chinese Medley

London, Jan 2000

two popular Chinese songs

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Birthday Variations

London, Feb 2000

on the familiar tune "happy birthday to you!"

Bach Medley

London, Feb 2000

for recorder and harpsichord

Variations on Beethoven's Für Elise

London, Nov 2000

for piano solo

The First Noel

London, Nov 2000

five variations

English Christmas Carol Medley

London, Dec 2000

The First Noel, Holly and the Ivy, Away in a Manger

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The above arrangements are original to analyticalQ - created from listening to familiar tunes.   They are intended for personal and private enjoyment.

Please feel free to suggest new arrangements to analyticalQ.  Contact the Webmaster.

Please do not copy, redistribute, sell, or perform for profit without notifying the Webmaster.

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Important notice
28 October 2004

When the sheet music you see here was first made available on this website, it was free and easy to download entire scores in PDF format. With changing technology, the special fonts no longer work.

If you would like the complete score, please e-mail Anne Ku and order her CD from CDBaby. This act of kindness will support her endeavors to compose and arrange, providing more music for all of you.