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If music is the food of love, what is the love of food?

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Born in Brunei of Chinese parents, Anne Ku grew up on Okinawa where she received her first piano lesson at age eight. Only a few years later, she became accompanist of the local school choir. Soon followed engagements as keyboardist for local rock bands, rehearsal pianist for musical productions, contract party pianist, church organist, and private piano teacher.

Anne studied piano under Randall Love at Duke University where she also earned her engineering degree. In her senior year, she performed Debussy's L'isle Joyeuse in the Gina Bachauer Masterclasses with Claude Frank. She received the AJ Fletcher Music Performance Scholarship which supported her senior recital of French impressionist works.

After graduation, Anne worked in the financial and energy sectors in Singapore, London and Houston, while still continuing to accompany, perform and compose on the side. In 2001, she started a programme of home concerts in London to introduce her music to local audiences.

Anne maintains a web site dedicated --among other things-- to self-expression through original music, art and writing at

earlier translation in Dutch

Geboren in Brunei, met Chinese ouders, groeide Anne op in Okinawa, Japan waar ze haar eerste pianolessen kreeg op acht jarige leeftijd. Slechts enkele jaren later werd ze reeds gevraagd als de schoolkoor begeleidster. Dank zij haar uitmuntende prima vista spel speelde ze al snel als keyboardist in een popband, als achtergrondmusicus, kerk organiste en had ze ook een prive les praktijk. Anne studeerde piano bij Randall Love aan de Duke Universiteit (N-Carolina, USA), waar ze ook haar engineering degree behaalde. Tijdens haar werkzaamheden in de financiele- en energie sector in Singapore, Londen en Houston, is Anne steeds actief blijven optreden en componeren. Haar intensieve reisschema's hebben haar de mogelijkheid geboden om met musici over de hele wereld samen te spelen. Ze onderhoudt een eigen web-site die gewijd is aan zelfexpressie met originele muziek, kunst en literatuur:


  • finding recording artists to perform original compositions
  • meeting other instrumentalists (violin, cello, clarinet, flute, oboe, guitar, etc.),
  • sight-reading and performing at private dinner parties, WEDDINGS, and other occasions


  • sight-reading: piano solo, piano duet, songs
  • accompanying: solo voice, choir, musical productions
  • composing: piano solos, instrumental, love songs with vocal, guitar chords, accompaniment
  • arranging: original arrangements to suit performance level, medleys, various styles

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From 1st November 2001

Anne Ku is searching for music scores in the following categories:

  • classical music written by female composers
  • music for children, such as album for the young
  • variations on the happy birthday tune
  • modal music such as that written by Einauldi
  • classical guitar and piano duo
  • good transcriptions/arrangements of chamber work

Please contact the webmaster if you have any suggestions.

Okinawa, Japan

1979 - 1982

  • Private piano teacher: 20 students, all ages, beginner to advanced
  • Chief organist and pianist: 5 services per week
  • Organist and pianist:  private functions, weddings, memorial services, etc.
  • Accompanist: various choirs, talent shows, etc.
  • Keyboardist in various bands:  Funky Caravan, The Lo Lo's, Ku and the Guys


1982 - 1986

  • Rehearsal and orchestral pianist for musical production The Music Man
  • Pianist in recitals:  piano and flute duet, piano and trumpet duet, piano solo including Debussy's L'isle Joyeuse and Ravel's Sonatine

London, Singapore, USA

1987 - 2003

The Netherlands

2003 - present

  • Utrecht Conservatory, Bachelor of music with honours in composition; teaching diploma in piano 2004 - 2008
  • Monument House Concert Series, since 2006 sharing private space with the public
  • Piano Guitar Duo: Netherlands, North Cyprus, London, Capetown, Houston, Maui, Madrid, La Coruna
  • Articles and research: sight-reading thesis, programming concerts for the elderly
  • Reviews: opera, international competitions, music festivals