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The Diary
Anne Ku

8 November 2000 Wednesday





The greatest uncertainty occurs when the probabilities are 50-50. Is that why there's been so much activity, information, excitement over the elections in America?

I haven't been following the news closely - largely due to the fact that I have neither a television nor the time to watch it. Nevertheless, the English newspapers covered the events from an interesting angle.

It's all about sex and violence, said one source. Bush = sex. Gore = gory = violence.

Another described it as the hedgehog vs the fox. The fox is quick, skillful, and sly. Full of tricks, it reacts to different situations and answers different questions appropriately. The hedgehog knows only one thing - but it always works. When attacked, it curls itself into a ball and defends itself. Supposedly that's what happened to the debates - which, again, I haven't watched.

Taking a poll among my friends, I noticed that the majority have voted for Gore, the obviously more intelligent candidate. A few had voted for Nader, but I wonder whether this was merely a personal statement. I am reminded of what Adlai Stevenson said in response to one of his supporters who assured him that "all intelligent people in this country will vote for you." He replied,"that's not good enough. I need a majority."