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In 1998 I discovered this piece (melody and lyrics) in an old notebook.  It must have been written about my first love, who had graduated a few years before me. Fifteen years later I would look for him in Texas – only to find him happily married with two kids.

This song is probably my very first song.*  The verse is so innocent and idealistic. The melody is so simple. There is no dramatic form. It just repeats itself without reaching a climax.

Apparently I had used some kind of modal scale (mixolydian on D). So I tried to expound on it in the accompaniment.

* Note: 24 June 2000

This was not my first piece.

My first piece was A Carefree Melody - composed when I was 14.

And This is Love

1. And this is love
Two souls that freely meet
And have no need to prove anything
(at all, at all)
2. And this is hope
I wait and wish for you
And someday we’ll be together
(again, again)
3. And this is joy
The things I share with you
And all the moments that I cherished
(so long, so long)
4. And this is trust
I always believe in you
And never doubt your honesty
(oh yeah, oh yeah.)
5. And this is love
The magic that binds the two of us
And it will last forever
(indeed, indeed)