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Other pentatonic pieces:

Making Magic

Last week I told myself to stop composing for awhile, as I had too many things to do.  As soon as I get a tune, I become enslaved to my music - having to compose and complete it before I can do anything else.  Therefore I must resist the temptation to sit down at the piano and improvise anything that suits my mood.

This morning, after sight-reading Bach's Art of the Fugue, I absentmindedly moved my fingers on the white keys in triplets.  Before long, momentum was built - and I'm once again smitten.  Was it the book I had just read that inspired me so? Vikram Seth's "An Equal Music" about a violinist, a pianist, a string quartet, London, Vienna, Venice, and all those wonderful things that music brings.  

Making music - making magic

Or was it my newly renovated loft which allows me to see the blue skies above?  Or was it being kept awake all night by my cat and his new victim? 

I feel emancipated by this new instrumental piece.

London, 4 March 2000